The Best Practical Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

The Best Practical Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

This is the realm of pantry design inspiration! A well-organized and beautiful pantry can make or break your kitchen, whether you’re a professional chef or a rookie cook. With so many innovative and useful pantry designs, deciding where to begin may be difficult. But don’t worry; today, we’ll look at some intriguing kitchen pantry design ideas to stimulate your inner cook.

To increase the practicality of your kitchen, create drawers and incorporate baskets for convenient management. Install a countertop and display your dishes and glasses behind glass doors. Lighting will brighten the room and draw attention to your preferred kitchen design.

Consider adding a whiteboard and labels to keep track of your grocery lists and meal ideas. A wine rack will give wine connoisseurs an elegant and simple storage option. Finally, consider using pull-out drawers for pots, pans, and other kitchen necessities for added convenience.

Pantryraider is dedicated to assisting individuals in creating attractive and practical pantries that fit their lifestyles and interests. Our pantry specialists have combed the internet and pulled together some of the most imaginative and practical pantry ideas that will make your kitchen a delight to work in.

Therefore, consider some incredible kitchen pantry design ideas to convert your pantry from a messy mess to a magnificent masterpiece.

Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

Every contemporary kitchen must have a pantry. It not only offers storage but also improves the kitchen’s overall appearance. Here are some suggestions for creating the ideal kitchen pantry:

1. Utilize the space

 Use every square inch of the pantry to maximize the storage capacity. Add shelves to the ceiling to maximize vertical space.

2. Install drawers

Little goods like spices and kitchenware are best kept organized in drawers.

3. Add a countertop

The pantry has a countertop where you may cook food or arrange shopping for products.

4. Use glass doors

Glass doors make finding things simple and provide a sense of beauty.

5. Include lighting

The lighting lets you easily find what you need in the pantry, even in low light.

6. Incorporate baskets

The pantry may be kept clean and organized with the help of baskets.

7. Add a chalkboard

You may make grocery lists or jot down recipes on a blackboard in the cupboard.

8. Use labels

Labels help keep the pantry organized and make it simple to find things.

9. Add a wine rack

For wine enthusiasts, a wine rack adds a touch of sophistication.

10. Use pull-out drawers 

Accessing things kept at the back of the pantry is made simple with pull-out drawers.

Kitchen Pantry Shelf Ideas

In any pantry, shelves are a need. They offer storage space and facilitate simple item organizing. Here are a few suggestions for your kitchen pantry’s shelves:

  • Add adjustable shelves so that you may modify the shelf’s height to accommodate larger objects.
  • Utilize wire shelves – Wire shelves are strong and offer lots of airflow, perfect for keeping fruits and vegetables.
  • Add corner shelves – Corner shelves are a great way to use space and provide easy access to goods.
  • Use tiny shelves: Spices and cans are ideal for storing on narrow shelves.
  • Adding floating shelves, which are also great for displaying ornamental items, will increase storage space.
  • Employ deep shelves – Deep shelves are ideal for storing heavy, bulky objects like large jars and cereal boxes.
  • Add pull-out shelves. Pull-out shelves make retrieving products kept in the pantry’s rear simple.
  • Add vertical dividers – Vertical dividers are useful for organizing objects like cutting boards and baking sheets.
  • Slanted shelves are a great option for storing bottles and cans.
  • Add tier-based shelving – Tier-based shelving is a great approach to enhance storage capacity and make objects accessible.

IKEA Pantry Shelves for Kitchen Storage

IKEA is known for its stylish and affordable home furnishings. Here are some ideas for incorporating IKEA pantry shelves into your kitchen:

  1. Use IVAR shelves: IVAR shelves are versatile and can be customized to fit any pantry.
  2. Add ALGOT shelves: ALGOT shelves are perfect for small pantries and can be easily adjusted to fit your needs.
  3. Incorporate VARIERA shelves: VARIERA shelves are perfect for storing spices and small items.
  4. Use KALLAX shelves: In a tiny kitchen, KALLAX shelves can be utilised to form a pantry because they offer lots of storage space.
  5. Add EKET shelves: EKET shelves are perfect for storing cans and jars and can be easily customized to fit your needs.
  6. Use OMAR shelves: OMAR shelves are durable and can create a pantry in a garage or basement.
  7. Incorporate BESTA shelves: BESTA shelves are perfect for storing items such as dishes and small appliances.
  8. Add IVAR cabinet with doors: For keeping products that must be kept out of sight, such cleaning supplies or pet food, an IVAR cabinet with doors is ideal.
  9. Use FINTORP rails: FINTORP rails are perfect for hanging utensils and other small items.
  10. Incorporate BROR shelving units: Strong BROR shelving shelves can turn a big kitchen or garage into a pantry.

Pantry Shelving Systems

Pantry shelf solutions are an excellent method to increase storage space while keeping your pantry tidy. Here are some pantry storage system ideas:

  • Use a modular shelf system – A modular shelving system may be tailored to your unique pantry requirements.
  • Including wire shelf – Wire shelving is long-lasting and gives plenty of airflow for storing stuff.
  • Employ adjustable shelving – Adjustable shelving allows you to raise the shelf to accommodate larger goods.
  • Install pull-out shelves – Pull-out shelves make reaching goods at the rear of the pantry easier.
  • Employ a pegboard system to hang utensils and cutting boards.
  • Using Slatwall panels – Slatwall panels are ideal for hanging baskets and other storage containers.
  • A track system allows you to shift shelves up and down to accommodate larger objects.
  • Install a revolving pantry system – A revolving pantry system allows quick access to all things while maximizing storage space.
  • Including a ladder system – A ladder system allows you to access high shelves easily.
  • Employ a custom pantry organizer – A custom pantry organizer may be tailored to your unique pantry requirements and preferences.

Wire Pantry Shelves

Wire pantry shelves are a common pantry organizing option. Here are some suggestions for using wire pantry shelves:

  • Utilize wire shelving with adjustable height – Adjustable height wire shelving allows you to vary the height of the shelf to accommodate bigger goods.
  • Including wire baskets – Wire baskets are ideal for keeping fruits and vegetables.
  • Employ wire pantry drawers – Wire pantry drawers are ideal for storing tiny goods like spices and kitchenware.
  • Invest in wire shelf liners to keep goods from sliding through the wire shelves.
  • Use wire pantry racks – Wire pantry racks are ideal for storing cans and jars.
  • Employ wire pantry dividers – Wire pantry dividers assist in arranging products like cutting boards and baking sheets.
  • Install a wire pantry door rack – A wire pantry door rack adds storage space and is ideal for storing spices and small goods.
  • Utilize wire shelf label holders – Wire shelf label holders simplify labeling and organizing objects on shelves.
  • Integrate wire pantry corner shelves – Wire pantry corner shelves are a great way to save space while providing easy product access.
  • Employ wire pantry roll-out shelves – Wire pantry roll-out shelves make it simple to reach products at the rear of the pantry.

Pantry Storage

Pantry storage is critical for keeping your pantry clean and clear of clutter. Here are some pantry storage ideas:

  • Employ clear storage containers – Clear storage containers allow you to see what’s within while keeping stuff fresh.
  • Install a lazy Susan – A lazy Susan allows quick access to objects while maximizing storage space.
  • Stackable containers are excellent for storing tiny goods such as snacks and packages.
  • Including over-the-door storage – Over-the-door storage adds more storage space and is ideal for keeping spices and small goods.
  • Install a tiered shelf organizer – A tiered shelf organizer improves storage space while making goods easy to retrieve.
  • Use a can dispenser – A can dispenser is perfect for storing and organizing cans.
  • Including a wine rack – A wine rack is a dedicated location for keeping wine bottles.
  • Utilize a pull-out pantry – A pull-out pantry allows you to access products in the rear of the pantry easily.
  • Add a magnetic spice rack – A magnetic spice rack is ideal for storing and organizing spices.
  • Employ a wall-mounted shelf – A wall-mounted shelf adds extra storage space and is ideal for small goods.

Sliding Pantry Shelves

Sliding pantry shelves are a popular option for increasing storage space and making objects more accessible. These are some examples of sliding pantry shelves:

  • Utilize sliding wire baskets – Sliding wire baskets make retrieving products placed at the rear of the pantry easier.
  • Install a sliding pantry drawer – A sliding pantry drawer is ideal for storing snacks and packages.
  • Employ a sliding pantry shelf – A sliding pantry shelf adds storage space and makes goods easier to retrieve.
  • Including a sliding pantry door rack – A sliding pantry door rack adds extra storage space and is ideal for spices and small things.
  • Use a sliding pantry ladder system – A sliding pantry ladder system allows you to access high shelves easily.
  • Including a sliding pantry basket – Sliding pantry baskets are ideal for keeping fruits and vegetables.
  • Employ a sliding pantry pull-out organizer – A sliding pantry pull-out organizer makes it easier to retrieve products placed towards the rear of the pantry.
  • Including a sliding pantry corner shelf – A sliding pantry corner shelf is a great way to save space while providing quick product access.
  • Use a sliding pantry roll-out shelf – A sliding pantry roll-out shelf makes it easy to access items at the back of the pantry. Install a sliding pantry spice rack – A sliding pantry rack is ideal for storing and organizing spices.

How do you layout a pantry?

The layout of a pantry will be determined by the amount of available space as well as the demands of the household. To optimize space and make it easier to find what you need, pantries are often arranged with shelves, drawers, and other storage solutions. In addition, try organizing the pantry into divisions, such as dry foods, canned products, and snacks. Labeling everything is also necessary to keep things tidy and simple to find.

How to design a small kitchen pantry?

It is critical to maximizing available space when building a compact kitchen pantry

  • First, install floor-to-ceiling shelves and drawers to maximize vertical space
  • Use clear containers to keep stuff so you can see what you have. 
  • Consider using a lazy susan or pull-out drawers to access objects in the rear. 
  • Lastly, keep the pantry orderly by routinely discarding outdated foods and giving those you no longer use.

Where should pantry be placed in kitchen design?

The arrangement of your kitchen will determine the best place for a pantry. Consider putting the pantry in a different room or closet nearby if your kitchen is spacious. If you have a tiny kitchen, consider integrating the pantry into the cabinetry or installing a pull-out pantry system. The pantry should generally be conveniently accessible from the kitchen area.

What is a good size for a kitchen pantry?

The demands of the family determine the size of a kitchen pantry. Aim for at least 4 to 5 linear feet of shelf and storage space. Consider a larger pantry or extra storage space if you have a big family or often entertain.

How do I organize my pantry like a pro?

Begin by clearing and eliminating everything outdated or no longer needed to arrange your pantry like an expert. Then, sort the products into categories like snacks, canned foods, and baking ingredients. Next, clear containers and labeling let you see what you have and keep things organized. Lastly, to access goods in the rear, consider employing pull-out drawers or lazy susans.

How do you stock the perfect pantry?

Your tastes and culinary habits will influence the ideal pantry. But, keeping a variety of pantry basics on hand, such as rice, pasta, canned foods, and baking ingredients, is typically a smart idea. In addition, consider storing a range of spices, herbs, cooking oils, and vinegar. Finally, remember to include snacks and fast meals for hectic days.

What is the best shelving for a pantry?

Your choice and money will determine the ideal pantry shelving. Wire shelving is a popular and cost-effective alternative, but it isn’t easy to clean and may not be strong enough for larger things. Wood shelving is more expensive but has a more upscale appearance and may be tailored to match your area. Use acrylic or glass shelves for a more contemporary design.

How do you become a minimalist pantry?

To create a minimalist pantry, follow these steps:

  • Begin by decluttering and getting rid of anything expired or no longer needed.
  • Try implementing a capsule pantry, which entails stocking a small number of adaptable items that may be utilized for a range of meals.
  • Use transparent containers and labels to keep things organized and reduce visual clutter.

How do you make a small kitchen look classy?

Consider using a neutral color plan with flashes of color in accessories and décor to make a tiny kitchen appear elegant. Use reflecting surfaces such as a mirror or glass backsplash to give the sense of a larger space. Add under-cabinet lights to enlighten and give an aesthetic appeal to the area. Choose sleek and contemporary appliances and accessories to create a consistent and sophisticated aesthetic. Lastly, maximize storage with built-in cabinets, open shelves, and pull-out organizers to keep the area clutter-free.


A well-designed pantry can transform your kitchen. A well-planned pantry is an investment that pays off in the long term, from expanding storage space to keeping your food fresh and organized. At, we’re devoted to helping you realize your ideal pantry by giving you the greatest ideas and guidance for pantry design.

We hope our blog has motivated you to take the first step toward designing your ideal pantry. While designing your pantry, whether minimalist, rustic, or modern, remember to consider utility and ease. With the correct tools, supplies, and a little imagination, you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful and useful pantry.

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