Every cupboard should have canned products since they offer a quick and reliable source of nutrients. But keeping these cans organized can be difficult, especially if your pantry is small. Because of this, we’ve designed a list of the top 3 pantry storage solutions for canned foods.

Below are the top pantry storage solutions for cans:

1. Can Racks 

Can racks are a convenient and effective way to store canned goods. They are typically made of wire or plastic and come in various sizes to fit your pantry. Can racks provide easy access to the cans and allow you to stack them on top of one another to save space. Some can racks have wheels, making moving them about your pantry a breeze.

2. Can Organizers 

Can organizers are designed to keep cans more upright than can racks, despite both being identical in design. As a result, you can easily read the can labels and find what you’re seeking. Moreover, organizers can come in various sizes and may be stacked to save space.

3. Over-the-Door Organizers 

Canned foods can also be stored in over-the-door organizers, which are fantastic options. They often feature many shelves or compartments for can storage and are made to hang over the top of a pantry or closet door. Over-the-door organizers are simple to use and may help your pantry save room on the floor.

Rotate your canned products regularly, no matter which storage option you use. This entails placing the newest cans at the rear and pushing the oldest cans to the front so you can use them first. Your canned foods will keep as fresh as possible thanks to this.

How to organize cans in a cabinet

Here are some easy ways to organize cans in a cabinet:

Use a can organizer

Can organizers are a simple and efficient method to keep cans organized since they are made exclusively for storing cans. These may be stacked to conserve space and come in various sizes.

Use clear bins

Because you can see inside clear bins without taking them out, they’re a terrific way to arrange cans. In addition, these can be readily stacked and available in various sizes.

Use a lazy susan

On a shelf or within a cabinet, you may set up a lazy susan, which is a turntable. That can help you keep them tidy and make it simple to spin the cans to view what’s inside.

Use a tension rod

You can easily see what you have and reach for the can you need by using a tension rod to divide the cans inside your cabinet.

Use a magazine rack

A magazine rack may be converted to hold cans. You can easily see what you have and swiftly take what you need by placing the cans in the rack.

Use a hanging shoe organizer

Cans can be kept in a hanging shoe organizer that is installed on the inside of a pantry or cabinet door.

Use shelf dividers

Cans may be kept apart from one another and from toppling over by using shelf dividers.

Use a label maker

The cans can be labeled using label makers so that it is simple to see what is inside without removing them from the cabinet.

Use a can dispenser

Can dispensers may store many cans simultaneously and are placed inside cabinet doors or walls.

Make use of vertical space

Use stackable can racks or organizers to make the most of the vertical space in your cabinet. You can store more cans in the same space by doing this.


A healthy lifestyle and an efficient kitchen depend on keeping your pantry neat and organized. Choosing storage solutions for canned goods that suit you is simply because so many different types are accessible. These options, which range from over-the-door storage to can racks and organizers, will help you keep your pantry tidy and your canned goods fresh.