How Much Space Is Needed For A Corner Pantry

How Much Space Is Needed For A Corner Pantry

The amount of space needed for a corner pantry depends on the type of corner pantry you are setting up. It can be a cabinet corner pantry or a walk-in corner pantry. To answer ‘how much space is needed for a corner pantry,’ we will generally look at corner pantries.

How much space is needed for a corner pantry? The inside dimension of a built-in corner pantry is approximately 48″, not counting structure and drywall. A walk-in corner pantry can accommodate a person walking into it because you cannot use the whole space. 

What is the maximum depth that a pantry may have?

Reach-in pantries are typically around 5 feet wide by 2 feet deep but maybe as shallow as 16 inches, making them an ideal fit along a wall with a recess or soffit.

What is the average size of a corner pantry?

The average size of a corner pantry is around 4 feet by 4 feet. Corner pantries measure about 4 feet by 4 feet and have a door at a 45-degree angle.

What are the dimensions of a walk-in corner pantry?

Narrow walk-in pantries are typically 4.5′ x 6′ in size. However, one person needs at least 36 inches of walking room to reach a pantry.

How to create a pantry in a small kitchen

In most cases, even if you decide to declutter your food storage space in the kitchen, you still need some vital amount of food items in your kitchen. Those essential food items that need storage are why you need to create a pantry in a small kitchen, even if you have limited space. 

So, what are your options to create a pantry in a limited space if you lack a walk-in pantry? Below are some exciting suggestions for fitting stuff in.

Utilize an existing bookshelf.

If you have an old bookshelf cabinet laying around, install it in the kitchen and fill it with dry goods and produce to create a personalized cabinet on your own. 

Build a cabinet between the studs.

This is another way to create a small pantry in the kitchen by creating or opening up a wall in my kitchen and creating some shallow cabinets between the studs.

Make use of your wall.

You can have a pantry if you have a wall! This involves using a pegboard for the kitchen. The right thing about accomplishing this is that you can easily customize it also add as many shelves or baskets as you want.

Slide it beside the refrigerator.

You can create a thin roll-out cabinet to store spices and dry items in the slim area between the refrigerator and the wall. With this, you don’t need to build the cabinet yourself; you can opt in for an already made fridge side cabinet

Consider reorganizing your coat closet.

You can quickly turn your closet by adding a few storage shelves and converting that hall closet into a pantry. Of course, you can also convert a double-wide closet or a single narrow coat closet.

Choose a cupboard for the pantry.

If you want to create a pantry in a small kitchen, you can add a cupboard and turn it into a pantry. Just choose a top cabinet or cupboard exclusively for pantry products if you want to make things appear nice. 

Add shelves at random.

Consider expanding your kitchen’s basic cabinets and shelves by adding more shelves wherever possible. For example, consider placing shelves on the edges of your cabinets or even narrow ones between your counter and higher cabinets.

How small can a walk-in pantry be

Regardless of its size, the key to getting the most out of your walk-in pantry is to maximize its space. These pantry cabinets come in an array of styles and dimensions.

Your house may have been constructed with a pantry, or you may have added one later. Regardless of its size, the key to designing the most convenient and effective walk-in pantry plan is to maximize space use via personalization.

You’ll be shocked at how you may maximize much storage space in your pantry. Because let’s face it, you’d rather have something and not need it sooner than you need something and have to run to the shop.  

Custom storage solutions to increase walk-in pantry dimensions

You may think this sounds awesome, and you’re considering doing it—on your own. However, if you customize your walk-in pantry designs, you want them to be done correctly, with expert design, manufacturing, and installation. 

That is a degree of excellence that you cannot duplicate on your own. Even installing the items may not provide the personalization or quality you need, even if you can install them. 

Whatever the size or style of your pantry, a bespoke design may maximize its storage capacity and better fulfill your demands. If you want more storage space in your pantry, you may explore the options by scheduling a free design consultation.


Whether you are upgrading or creating a corner pantry in your kitchen, the size of the pantry comes down to the size, space, and design you want. Corner pantries help organize the kitchen and make it look nice and tidy.

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