How To Build A Lazy Susan With Wood Using Teds Woodworking Plans

Build A Lazy Susan With Wood Using Teds Woodworking Plans

Do you have a lot of clutter in your kitchen? Does your inspiration to cook dwindle when you find your cabinets and drawers stuffed with food goodies that you never use? Do you want to build lazy Susan from scratch? If so, it’s time to rearrange, and one of the easiest methods to keep everything organized is to use a Ted Woodworking plan to build a lazy Susan.

When mounted on a wall, you may use a lazy susan to conserve space, take up less room in cupboards, provide simple access, and create lovely decoration ideas. So here are some instructions on how to construct a lazy wooden Susan, whether you buy it or make one yourself.

Lazy Susan Organizer for Kitchen

STEP 1: Choosing Your Materials

Before you begin construction, you must decide how many compartments you require and the sort of wood to use for each one. Remember that you can use laminate, engineered wood, or particle board for this project. Utilize melamine or another material that can withstand boiling water if using laminate. If you choose particle board, remember that it may off-gas and emit aromas if it comes into direct contact with food or other liquids. Keep items like flour and spices in smaller containers to avoid contaminating larger dry commodities like grains and flour.

STEP 2: Cutting Out Your Compartments

Make a strategy to cut it out once you have laid out all the divisions on your board. Using a scroll saw, jig saw, or flush cutting knife, cut the divisions. Having a second set of hands on this task is advantageous. Ensure your board has enough stock if you intend to use an electric saw for the last stage to ensure that no pieces come loose. Use a circular saw rather than an electric one for larger parts like doors and drawers. Measuring twice and cutting once is recommended to prevent cutting too much off.

STEP 3: Finishes

It would be best if you inspected your lazy Susan’s finish. A fresh laminate will shine glossy if it isn’t sealed or stained. This is excellent since it lends your kitchen a sense of style and refinement. It may be sealed with spray lacquer or polyurethane to preserve its high luster and prevent easy scratches. Remember that lacquers are water-based, so sealing your board every few months will keep it shiny and prevent your food from soaking the finish.

STEP 4: Building the Base

A lazy susan can function similarly to any other table so that each component can freely spin around its axis. The difference is that it will be larger and heavier than a typical table. Therefore, it’s best to attach it to a wall or set it in your pantry stand because it needs to be level. To achieve this, you can use screws or bolts, but make sure the hardware you choose is suitable for the weight of your materials.

Ensure the hardware you choose is rated for the weight you will use for it. For instance, you’ll need to place the lazy susan on a robust stand to load it up with a lot of food. 

STEP 5: The Intricacies of Building Your Own Lazy Susan

Before you start this step:

  1. Measure the distance between the holes and ensure they’re even all around.
  2. Apply silicone adhesive to each hole and generously spread it with a spatula.
  3. Allow this to dry before placing the next piece on top.

STEP 6: Placing the Top Panel

Each lazy susan has a top panel; it can be scrap wood or plastic, depending on your desired piece. A scrap piece is usually the easiest to work with because you can use it as a woodcut template. Before you place the lazy susan top on its base, ensure it’s aligned properly. Once it’s in place, measure and mark out its size on your lightweight material so you can cut out your pieces of wood using jig saws or hand saws.

STEP 7: Glueing the Top

Before you begin gluing, ensure your board and all the pieces are completely dry. Next, evenly distribute the glue on both ends of each piece. You can perform this section with a paintbrush, which helps you apply and cover evenly. Once all components have been glued together, remove every other screw or bolt and trim any big pieces smaller than 1/4 inch with a miter box. This assures that it won’t fall apart after you make your lazy Susan. Then, using a nail gun, secure the top panel to its base such that no nails are cut at this stage.

STEP 8: Clamping the Top

Check that all of your parts are aligned before clamping down the top. If they aren’t, it will be tough to secure anything. This implies that they must be lined up uniformly. Next, clamp all components and tighten them until the structure is securely bonded to its foundation. Then remove all clamps and let the glue cure fully before storing it. Your lazy susan is now ready for usage and storage.

STEP 9: Finishing Touches

You can add legs, drawers, and doors to provide a more abundant foundation. Just make sure it looks decent and complements your décor style. You may even paint the base to fit the decor of your space. At this stage, you may fill the compartments with food and other dry products to make the most of your new piece of furniture.

If you wish to put it on a table or in a cabinet, ensure the top panel faces outward so it doesn’t scratch or dent anything else in your home. Layer your lazy Susan board on a dresser or pedestal to add an aesthetic touch. Again, it’s critical to alter your approach to developing these elements to achieve the greatest outcomes for your house. The most critical aspect is that it looks attractive and serves its intended purpose.

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