What Is The Best Type Of Paint For Pantry Shelves?

Best Type Of Paint For Pantry Shelves

We have had a few inquiries about what type of paint is best for pantry shelves. The common question is, what type of paint will be safe to use on my new pantry shelves? This blog post would help answer that question. We assume that you are painting your pantry shelves as we do not know any painters who would be willing to paint someone else’s shelves for free.

The type of paint you can use on your pantry shelves varies depending on several factors. These include the material the shelves are made of, what you will use the shelf for, and how large or small the shelf is (the larger the area the paint must cover, the larger you must coat the surface area). 

The best type of paint for pantry shelves.

Paint that works well on pantry shelves: Gloss paint is superior to flat paint for high-traffic areas like pantry shelves because it provides better coverage and is more resistant to scuffs and wear. In addition, because it can withstand repeated washing from inevitable spills, glossy paint makes upkeep a breeze.

If you have wooden pantry shelves, you should consider painting them with high-gloss oil-based paint since this will be the most durable paint covering. However, applying and cleaning up might be difficult without using solvents. Also, good ventilation is required for a few days after painting with an oil-based gloss paint because of the strong aromas it produces.

But if you don’t like the reflective quality of gloss paints, semi-gloss is an excellent alternative that still provides adequate coverage and durability. In addition, you can quickly and easily clean up any messes in the pantry.

Here are some of the factors that will determine which type of paint is best for your shelves:

Pantry Shelf Material

Plywood and particle board are the most common pantry shelf materials painted with varnish. Other pantry shelf materials include wood, metal, or glass. Plywood and particle board require a non-porous water-based paint that will not cause the material to absorb moisture (in this case, acrylic). You can paint wood and metal pantry shelves with either a varnish, a water-based paint, or an oil-based paint that is specially formulated for use on metal. Glass pantry shelves are painted with automotive paint, lacquer, or a clear coat, depending on the size of the area to be painted.

Pantry Shelf Use

Pantry shelves are often used as storage space for kitchen items such as pots and pans or to display pictures or artwork. However, if a pantry shelf is going to be used for something other than storing items, then the type of paint will also be determined by what is to be displayed on the shelf. For example, a shelf that will hold picture frames or artwork will require a different type of finish than if the shelf is used for pots and pans.

Pantry Shelf Size

The size of the pantry shelf is another factor that will determine the type of paint to use. If your pantry shelf is large (more than 12″x12″), you will want to use a primer before painting it. Large surfaces are difficult to paint and often end up with drips and runs, so a good-quality primer will help hide these imperfections. On the other hand, small pantry shelves do not need a primer, as you can paint them with just one coat.

Type Of Paint 

The type of paint you use on your pantry shelves will be determined by the material they are made of and what you will use the shelf for. Use a varnish to paint new shelves made of plywood or particle board. These surfaces require a non-porous water-based paint that cannot absorb moisture. Porcelain or ceramic shelves are best painted with automotive paint, leaving a smooth surface that you can use for signs, frames, or artwork.

Paint On Pantry Shelves

When painting your shelves, ensure you cover the entire surface with one coat of paint. Use a roller to spread the paint as evenly as possible. If you are painting a large shelf, cover the entire surface with one coat of paint and then allow it to dry before applying a second coat.

Suppose your pantry shelves will be used as an ‘art on the wall’ type display, then you’ll want to invest in a few heavy-duty picture hangers to hold your pictures. If you can find them, use picture hooks instead of picture hangers. These hooks are smaller and won’t leave a big bump on the wall when you take your picture down.

Where To Buy Pantry Shelf Paint

The best place to buy pantry shelf paint is an auto paint or hardware store. However, you should be able to find all the same types of paint there that you would find in a professional paint store, ask for paint and not paint thinner. 

Valspar and Behr are the two main paint brands for painting cabinets and shelves. My favorite kitchen cabinet is Valspar’s ultra-low VOC enamel, which doesn’t off-gas much and is important when painting in the kitchen. Next, choose a small can of flat paint for cabinet or shelf paint. This paint is inexpensive, covers well, and provides a nice, even finish with one coat. You can use one to two coats of this paint on all my cabinet and shelf-painted furniture. Finally, use Behr’s High Gloss Ultra-Low Voc spray paint for shelves.

Pantry Shelf Painting Tips

  1. Keep your pantry shelves clean and dust-free when painting them. This will be very important if you paint over an old finish or a previous coat of paint. 
  2. Also, allow the paint to dry before storing your pantry shelves. This will also help to avoid spills and drips.
  3. If you are painting a shelf that will be used for storage, use a primer before painting it. This is especially important if the shelf is made of plywood or particle board, as these surfaces are often stained or varnished. The primer will help ensure the paint will stick to the surface and is a good idea if you paint over an old finish or stain.
  4. Always read the label on your paint can. Every detail concerning the care and maintenance of your freshly painted pantry shelves is included on the label. It will tell you how long to wait before using them after painting as well as how long it takes for the paint to dry. This information can be very useful when deciding on a paint color.
  5. Lastly, paint your pantry shelves with one coat of paint and allow it to dry completely before applying a second coat. With multiple coats, you’ll end up with an uneven surface, which will look more like a mosaic than an attractively painted shelf.
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