What Are The Best Finish For Pantry Shelves?

Best Finish For Pantry Shelves

What’s the best finish to use for pantry shelves? What’s the most durable and long-lasting? We can help with that! Knowing what substance to coat your newly created pantry shelves will save you time and money in the long run.

So what is it? Well, we recommend using a clear sealer (vinyl-crystalline). It will guard against wear and tear and make cleaning up spills much more straightforward because you can wipe everything off quickly. Additionally, this type of sealer is waterproof and will not develop bumps or bubbles even after years of moisture exposure while stored on a shelf.

In addition to not having any moisture issues, the shelf will look better over time. Older shelves with a clear coat, like polyurethane, will sag and discolor.

Clear sealers are pretty easy to apply. You don’t need to be an experienced painter or glazer, nor do you need to be an expert in either field. The simplicity of the process makes applying a transparent sealer one of its most significant advantages. Just make sure you heed the guidelines and avoid getting any sealer on the edges of your pantry shelves, as this will prevent you from wiping those areas clean.

After the shelves in your pantry have been sealed, you will notice a tiny difference in the natural color of the shelves. This is an essential point to keep in mind. Therefore, you might want to apply a coat or two of flat white spray paint or primer to make the shelves look new. Or, to create a uniform appearance, you can use several colors with one coat.

What’s the best finish for pantry shelves? 

That was our inquiry, and we now know the response! To help you choose the best finish for pantry shelves, you can spend less time on them and more time doing the things you like. When settling on a material, the next question is what kind of finish is ideal.

Here are some of our favorite best finishes for pantry shelves


It will create a long-lasting, durable finish. It has a semi-glossy surface and is very flexible. It can be painted over or left as it is. The coating is resistant to water, mildew, and chemicals. This finish is available in flat or gloss options. 

Clear Spray Paint 

You can use it on any smooth surface to finish the job quickly and easily! It’s very easy to apply and comes with its own coater’s tip for easy application. With this finish, you can sand and refinish the surface after painting. It has a semi-glossy surface.

Polyurethane Coating

It provides a long-lasting finish. Due to its durability, it is a popular option for shop cabinets, shelving, and kitchen cabinets. In addition, it’s safe to use and may be refinished several times.

Have you decided to use the clear sealer finish? You’ve made the right decision! But how will you apply it? In that regard, too, we have you covered:

How to apply the finish for pantry shelves

Here are easy ways to apply a paint finish to pantry shelves.

With Roll-on Spray

This type of spray will give your pantry shelves a smooth, even finish without leaving any blotches or drips. You also get more control over the coating because it contains fewer solvents than other spray paints. Our favorite part about this type of application is that it’s easy to wipe down after you’ve finished with the application.

With Spray

With this method, you will also get a smooth, even finish without blotches or drips, but you are left with small paint particles clinging to your surface. This means you’ll need to wipe down your finished pantry shelves after the spray is dry.

With Airless Spray

This technique uses high-pressure air to force the paint onto the surface uniformly without leaving any specks. You can use this method for general painting or if you want a uniform finish on multiple surfaces (like kitchen cabinets vs. cupboards). It’s perfect for finishing hardwood and laminate surfaces alike.

There you have it! Now you know the best finish for pantry shelves and how to apply it. The surface will be scratch-resistant, clean, and shiny, preventing moisture damage and discoloration. In addition to the benefits of using a clear sealer finish, you’ll also save time since the surface is so easy to clean!

What’s the best finish for pantry shelves? 

That’s another one of those puzzles where we’ve got a solution! Another thing we love about clear sealer finishes is that they are easy to wipe down. So no matter what finish you choose, ensure your pantry shelves are sealed with a clear sealer. It will keep them clean, prevent stains and condensation, and make your space look better over time.

In addition to their durability and easy cleaning, pantry shelves are also easy to install. You don’t have to be an expert. If you’ve established a few cabinets in your home or built a custom pantry cabinet, you know how easy it is! The first step is deciding how many shelves you want in your pantry. Then find the perfect size for your needs by measuring the length of the shelf closest to the wall plus the width of one shelf.

Once you’ve measured, add about two extra inches to that dimension for the front and back of the shelves. This will ensure enough of a lip to keep your items from falling off the shelf. Then, you can measure the width of your pantry, subtracting two inches from each side for your shelf depth. 

Now that you’ve got all your measurements, it’s time to decide whether you want solid or wire shelves. 

Solid shelves

Solid shelves will give off an industrial effect and allow more room in your pantry. 

Wire shelves

On the other hand, wire shelves are great if you have many heavy items like canned goods or large bottles, because they are more robust and have less space between bars for objects to fall through.

Now that you’ve decided on your pantry shelf style, it’s time to purchase the appropriate frame for your needs. A reasonable frame will be strong enough to handle the load of what you plan to store on the shelves. You can find ready-made frames and wire mesh at hardware stores. Alternatively, you could purchase a solid-wood shelf from your local home improvement store and put together a wireframe yourself. 

Assembling a wireframe shelf is easy:

  • Lay down each of your bars evenly along the back of your wood shelf. 
  • Drill holes in the wood at each end of each bar and attach using wood screws.
  • Connect each of the bars to the front of the shelf using a channel-shaped connector to form a grid. 
  • Attach using nails or screws, depending on which type you purchased.
  • Assemble your shelves, and they are ready to go! 
  • Place them in your pantry and hang them with mounting brackets from an eye bolt in the ceiling. You can add a shelf for extra storage if you need it; measure and purchase new kitchen cabinets or shelving.

Are you ready to host a fresh and healthy meal? 

If so, then custom pantry shelves might be for you! Pantry shelves help you organize your cupboard, providing additional storage for all of your favorite dry goods. They are easy to clean and come with a clear sealer finish to keep them looking great over time. The best part about custom pantry shelves is that they fit your space exactly, as well as the length of the shelf! You can get started by following these simple steps:

  • Measure the length of your shelf closest to the wall plus the width of one shelf. This will be how long you want each shelf bar in your pantry.
  • Purchase your pantry shelves. You may get them online or at any hardware shop.
  • Purchase a frame to house your pantry shelves at the same time, or purchase one separately. Both are sold at hardware stores in your area. For example, some people prefer wooden frames and others prefer metal ones. We recommend metal because they are more durable and look more modern, but wooden-framed shelves work well too!
  • Purchase your desired clear sealer finish for your pantry shelf(s). Regardless of the type of finish you go with, you’ll have an easier job keeping the room looking fantastic over time. With a clear sealant finish, your personalized pantry shelf may be easily cleaned and protected from stains.

When you measure your length and width, your pantry shelves are ready to be installed. After you have measured and purchased your pantry shelves, you can install them. 

  • Attach each shelf via the required mounting brackets on the front of each frame. Some frames require additional hardware for the shelves to attach correctly, and others require just a few screws for an extra secure hold. You can customize your pantry shelves to fit your space perfectly and add custom features like hooks to hang stored items from or closets with cup-hanging hangers to hide valuable items that are not frequently used.

After you’ve mounted your pantry shelves, it’s time to install storage containers. Here are a few tips for pantry storage:

Use bins, baskets, and crates for pantry storage solutions.

Near the kitchen, for example, you should store the dishes you use most often in the front of the cupboards. These things must be within easy reach, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. Items that don’t get used as often can be placed back or on the shelf above, which will take up less room and not get lost between often-used items.

Use dividers to keep items from falling out of your pantry shelves.

The best part about having custom pantry shelves is that when you’re ready for a change, you can always replace your current set with a new one. So if you are prepared for something different and don’t want to invest in a whole new set of cabinets, custom storage shelving might be the right solution! 


You can work with some directions we have laid out or speak to the local hardware store in your area to get some input on how they assemble their shelves. You might even be able to find an old shelf that you can use as a template for what you need. Custom pantry shelves are extremely easy to install, so you won’t have difficulty deciding on the style or type of custom-made pantry shelves you have always wanted. They look great, are easy to maintain, and can be changed in the future without any extensive renovation. 

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