Have you tried reorganizing or organizing your pantry from scratch recently? Then you would agree with me that it can be a daunting task. You will first have to determine where all the food items will go. Then, how do you know where to find them when you need them? For example, which jars have sauces and which have flour? This is when food labeling plays a crucial role in organizing a functional pantry. This article will review some of the best pantry labels

Use labels and different colored plastic wrap to organize anything on the shelf, even if it doesn’t look messy! Keeping things organized while they are being packed away can be accomplished in a quick and simple manner by just wrapping everything in a box of a different color.

Here are some of the best pantry labels for organizing pantries so that finding food is easier than ever. 

Organize shelves vertically

Organizing the shelves should be the priority. Spend time organizing your shelves vertically and labeling them, ensuring that the tallest items are at the back of each shelf, e.g., canning jars and flour bags. This will make it easy to identify things quickly! You will also want to store large or bulky items (like baking sheets) on a separate shelf or rack, so they don’t take up valuable space on the other shelves.

Grouping items

Another labeling method is to group like items together, using the space you have left on the shelving. Stacking items like cupcake liners and mixing bowls, jars, and cans of veggies toward the front of your pantry is a great way to group similar items. Things often used, such as spices, should be placed closer to the door so you can use or get to them as quickly as possible. 

Group foods by meal or cooking method. Putting ingredients together to make a certain dish, such as a pie, casserole, or cake, will save you time and energy! Keep staples and things used in daily cooking separate from baking ingredients and items you will use less frequently (marinade for an exotic dish, turmeric for curry).

Using storage containers

Use storage containers with lids to store delicate items on the shelf at the back of your pantry or pantry closet, like parchment paper and nesting bowls in a container with a lid. When opening these containers, use them entirely and then put them away until you are ready to use them again. 

Use opaque containers or bins with a labeling system on the outside so that you can see what is inside without opening them up! Store things you often use, like herbs, spices, and condiments, in containers with built-in lids. This will help things stay fresh for a longer period of time, and it will also make it easier to find what you require.


You should store prepared food items in either the fridge or freezer, making sure that you have room in the refrigerator for other pantry items, and then store your items the way you like them for easy access.

Making use of storage racks

There is a massive advantage to using storage racks in the pantry to store items, but the most important is creating space. Consider installing a storage rack above your shelves to keep even more toiletries, snacks, and other items you use daily. Of course, you will want to ensure this is within reach when facing the pantry door, so avoid placing it too high up for anyone over 5’4″ tall!

Use storage baskets

Small things like measuring spoons and cups, wooden spoons, and ladles can be kept in baskets or containers with handles. Keep these items in the same spot on your shelves so that they are organized when you bring them out to use.

Use spice racks

Use a spice rack to organize your spices for easy access. This can also help with storage because it lets you see what’s inside without opening the jars so that you don’t accidentally spill them!

You should also consider storing spices in smaller containers, like mini-mason jars or small plastic containers. These are great because they are durable and can fit on most shelves. They will also keep them from getting dusty, making them harder to find when you need something!

Use containers with compartments

Try using containers with many separate compartments, like glass jars, instead of one big container with everything mixed! This will make it much easier to quickly label, identify, and pull out individual items from your pantry, which is great for finding things when needed!

When organizing your pantry, keep these tips in mind: Label everything in your pantry, so it is easy for anyone else to find what they need. Also, label all containers to tell what items are inside without opening them up. 

Points to remember when labeling your pantry

  1. Label jars with a small sticker at the top of each jar or a piece of tape to make it easy to see where each jar is stored in your pantry.
  2. Try to avoid putting small items on the same shelf if you can. It can be tempting to do so because you always have smaller items right there, thinking they will be safer; instead, they will be harder to locate and sometimes too crowded on a shelf.
  3. Divide things into two, three, or four piles depending on how often you use them to find them when you need them easily.
  4. Consider the placement of your pantry. Keep it neat and easy to access. This simplifies things when it is time to restock it! 
  5. Get rid of foods you don’t use or need and donate them to food banks or sell them. 

Easy ways to organize your pantry

You’re going to end up with more food in your house and a happier home if you make the shelves about 12 inches apart throughout the entire space. Instead, your items should be about 1 inch tall, so they’ll fit inside.

If you have one door, install a magnetic strip and put the items you open most frequently there. That way, they’re right in your face when you walk in, and you don’t have to search the other side of your pantry.

The great thing about organizing your pantry is that you can do it as quickly or as slowly as you want. For example, rather than trying to attack your entire pantry at once, put aside 15 minutes a week and organize one shelf daily. This way, things won’t get out of control again before the next week begins.

Make sure your pantry is stocked with these canned goods so you can always get the right nourishment when you’re hungry.

Depending on your shelf space, you can buy new things in bulk if they are available. For example, if you have the space, you should buy spices and baking ingredients in bulk, especially if you use them often.

Try to get rid of unused or needed items in your home. This allows you to free up shelf space and keep things neat!

Consider moving items around now and again so they are only situated in a corner together on a shelf or next to each other in a basket or bin.

Repackage items if they are in clear or bulky packaging. Packaging is often designed to make it appealing to customers, which creates extra work for you when it comes time to store these items away! Of course, you can always use small, opaque containers with a labeling system on the outside to help with organization!

Make sure you utilize vertical storage space when possible. This can help keep things neat without taking up too much room on your shelves!

Try grouping items together so that things are easier to find, and you don’t end up with a bunch of jars or cans sitting around because they need a home!

Consider transferring things from containers that you don’t use into flat containers. This will allow you to more easily organize your pantry and purchase things in bulk, which is a great way to save money!

Consider adding hooks or racks to the inside of cabinets so that everything is easier to find. Unfortunately, many people need to take advantage of this handy storage feature! Add hooks or baskets on the inside of the cabinets so you can store larger items on the door rather than stacking them up on top! This is also helpful for storing extra spices and herbs!

If you want to spend less money on organizing containers, consider buying baskets and bins made for the pantry

If you have empty bottles and jars, consider using them as part of your storage system! That way, if you need one specific item, it will be easier for you because all the bottles are together in one place, so it isn’t too hard to find them!

Create a system to help you remember where things are in your pantry so you can easily find them! 

Consider displaying your food items at eye level on your kitchen counter! This is also a great way to ensure that every family member has easy access to the exact things they need, even if they may differ. 

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