The Best Light Fixture For Pantry In 2024

Best Light Fixture For Pantry

One of the best things about home ownership is the ability to make all sorts of decisions, big and small. Whether you want to go for a granite countertop or upgrade your windows is entirely up to you.

A light in the kitchen pantry is one of those choices homeowners opt for. But, before making that decision, it’s worth knowing more about what type of light fixture might be best suited for your space and needs.

Below are four considerations that will help with this choice:

1. Directional lighting

Directional lights are ideal if you want a bright spot in certain room parts, as they focus on only one area rather than flood an entire room with light. For example, in the pantry, this could focus light on the countertops.

2. Ambient lighting

A more general light source is great if you want overall illumination in your kitchen. Check out recessed lighting to fit your room’s needs.

3. Decorative lighting

Decorative lights give a unique flair or “cool factor” to any space and work well for a functional or decorative touch in the pantry.

4 Energy-efficient lighting

Go green with energy-efficient options that won’t be too bright, like under-cabinet lights or LED lights that are easy on the environment and wallet!

There are many options when choosing a light fixture for your laundry area. Look for a light fixture that will:

  • Work with your laundry area’s dimensions and lighting requirements.
  • Provide adequate illumination for the task at hand.
  • Have a design that complements your area and laundry room décor.

If you want a new kitchen light, your pantry is next on your list of places to consider. Unfortunately, many homeowners select lights because they are functional features rather than purely aesthetic. Still, recessed lighting is a great option if you’d prefer to have functional lighting and an element that makes your space unique. With recessed lighting, you can choose from many different light fixtures, from full-length drop-ins to undercabinet lights.

Consider a pendant light or chandelier if you’re searching for kitchen lighting that isn’t recessed but still looks clean and contemporary. Pendants can be simple, small, or large; different styles suit everyone’s taste.

When choosing a kitchen light fixture for the pantry and laundry area, it’s important to remember that you don’t necessarily need a decorative ceiling fixture. If you want something decorative for your pantry or laundry room but need to figure out what style would work best, you could use an under-cabinet light to create diffused lighting. Diffused lighting won’t give off much light but will provide enough to help you complete tasks.

Also, if you have existing fixtures in place already, take a look at what’s already there before making any big changes. For example, if you want to install newly recessed or pendant lighting, think about LED recessed lights with warm or cool shades and full-length drop-in undercabinet lights for the pantry and laundry room.

It’s important to think about more than one option and look around your home to determine which one will work best for you and your space, as it can be challenging to determine what you need and which will work best. Remember that the pantry can serve as a more functional place to stock your favorite foods, so feel free to consider something that’s aesthetically pleasing but also serves a purpose. For example, you could get an undercabinet light for your pantry and laundry area because these lights won’t take up much space, provide adequate illumination, and add a bit of style to the room.

The fact is that when it comes to kitchen lights and pantries, there are many ways to achieve the look you want. Take a few of these steps into consideration while choosing your kitchen lights, and you’ll be on the right path.

Best light fixture for pantry

Here are some suggestions for pantry light fixtures, such as recessed, pendant, ceiling-mounted, and under-cabinet lights.

Recessed Light Fixtures: Amico Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light

This Amico ultra-thin LED has five different color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K. They are in the junction box, where you can change them. It also has a junction box with a thermal shield that you can put close to the insulation in the ceiling. It can be installed in a space as shallow as 2 inches and is adaptable to a wide range of ceiling and joist types. 

It is also a 12-watt LED chip that is considered advanced and efficient. It gives off a bright light while using less energy, saving you up to 90%. In addition, it comes with a 5-year guarantee! 

Pendant light Fixtures: BoostArea Modern Pendant Light Fixtures

This modern pendant light is decorated in a modern, industrial style with matte black, featuring transparent glass cylindrical shades and clean lines. Ideal for illuminating a kitchen island and pantry. The easy-to-adjust cord length lets you shape the light exactly as you want. It is made from high-quality materials and has a clear glass lampshade that is both elegant and durable.

You can also use this pendant light on vaulted, sloped, or flat ceilings. They also have the standard canopy of pendant lights, adjustable threaded rods that work with ceiling heights from 2 inches to 70 inches, and a tilting swivel canopy for easy installation with no exposed wiring. But you have to buy the bulb, and you can easily install it.

Decorative ceiling fixture: Anmytek Round Wooden Decorative Lighting Fixture

This Anmytek round wooden light is elegant and classy in its metal and wood craftsmanship. You can use it for both lighting and home décor. The round clear glass top has a diameter of 19.75 inches and a height of 84 inches, and it has exposed decorative hardware and a rubber-insulated 84-inch cord. Ideal for use in the pantry, kitchen, etc. It has a wide canopy, and the chain allows for a wide range of possible suspension heights. It also comes with a 2-year limited guarantee. 

The light you choose to place can be seen partially through the open space. It is easy to install and comes with comprehensive instructions. You can adjust the metal chain to fit a flat or sloping ceiling, making it more adaptable to your specific needs.

Under-cabinet light fixture: GE LED Plug-In Undercabinet Light Fixture

This GE LED light is easy to install with no-tool assembly; use the captive screws provided and plug into an available outlet to install the light under your cabinets. You can adjust the length to your liking by connecting the included 12-inch cord to other lights or to the optional 24-inch and 36-inch extensions, which you can buy separately.

The bluish, cold color of high-definition lighting makes colors stand out more by giving them more contrast and intensity. Reduces the amount of exposed plumbing or wiring under the cabinet for a sleek, contemporary appearance. Illumination raises the bar on luminance and contrast, producing more vibrant colors.


How bright are the lights in the pantry? For your pantry, you can choose from lights that turn on when the door opens, lights that run on batteries or are wireless, LED light strips, and lights that hang from the ceiling.

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