What is the Difference Between Pantry and Kitchen?

What is the Difference Between Pantry and Kitchen?
What is the Difference Between Pantry and Kitchen?

The pantry and kitchen are easily confused together either because the two seem inseparable or not known. The most common explanation is that the kitchen and pantry are associated with food and kitchenware. Therefore, the two may seem similar but are not. So, what is the difference between pantry and kitchen?

The difference between pantry and kitchen is that the kitchen is a small room where food is cooked, while the pantry is a small cabinet, closet, or room where food and kitchenware are stored. 

What is a pantry?

A pantry is a small store where food, kitchenware, utensils, and other cleaning materials are stored. In addition, the pantry serves as a space server for the kitchen, where everything and anything can be stored away in a closet or storage compartment. Thus, another name for the pantry is a large cupboard with storage spaces, big and small. 

The pantry is an old french word “Panettiere,” meaning pain, the French word for bread. So basically, they used the pantry to store bread until many uses were created for it. 

Is pantry a kitchen?

A pantry is not a kitchen but rather a small room or closet where food, linen, and tableware are stored. The kitchen is where you cook or prepare any other type of dish. The pantry saves you space in the kitchen.

What is the meaning of a pantry in the kitchen?

Pantry in the kitchen is a closet or room used to store food, groceries, dishes, silverware, and all kinds of things you see lying about in the kitchen. 

Can you have a kitchen without a pantry?

Yes, you can have a kitchen without a pantry if you have a small kitchen or have no need for extra food or items to store away. A pantry, either in a cabinet or small room, helps save space and keep things well organized. If you are good at organizing, then a kitchen without a pantry is possible. One benefit of a pantry is to promote a clutter-free kitchen and preservation.

What qualifies as a pantry?

What qualifies as a pantry is if it’s bigger, near, or inside the kitchen; either a small room or cabinet was purposely built for food storage or utensils, kitchenware, or cleaning products. It qualifies as follows: a pantry.

What is a cold pantry?

A cold pantry is a room used for cold food storage. More like a larder, the cold pantry is a modern name, and it’s where prepared food or perishable food are stored. Of course, today we have refrigerators, but then we had a cold room where items like meat, fresh tomatoes, potatoes, and many others are stored.

What is the Difference Between Pantry and Kitchen?
What is the Difference Between Pantry and Kitchen?

Where can I put food without a pantry?

To have and organize a kitchen without a pantry isn’t an easy task. Having a tiny kitchen can also have an impact on deciding where the pantry should be in the kitchen. I have a small kitchen myself but needed something to store away my dry foods; for a second, I was lost with no idea what to do. Suddenly I remember an old cabinet in one of the rooms, viola; I got myself a nice pantry in the kitchen. Below is where to put food without a pantry.

Repurposed bookshelf: Bookshelves are not just for hallways or living rooms; they fit well and are the perfect storage space for a kitchen without a pantry.

Rolling pantry: The rolling pantry is common for people who live in small flats with little to no space for an oversized pantry. The advantage of a rolling pantry advantage is that it can fit in the smallest spaces, like between the wall and the fridge. It is also movable, which means you are pulling it right closer to the cooker while cooking. 

Shelve on the wall: You can utilize this space for hanging shelving if you have some extra space on the wall. These shelves look more like a bookshelf, only that it is hung on the wall. It could provide storage space for dishes, canned food, cups, and plates. 

Cabidor Storage cupboard: A cabidor storage cupboard is a small cupboard with a hinge mounted behind the door. It is a small slimline pantry that saves a lot of space. These storage methods can be used on any entry in the house and can be used to store anything that can fit into it.

Storage containers: A stackable storage container containing food items can be stored away on shelves making the kitchen well organized. 

Pantry in an extra room:<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”> Many people don’t think any other room can be used as a pantry, not only in the kitchen. While growing up in a small village down south, the house was tiny, but in my little sister’s room, there was a bit square-shaped opening in the wall. It looks like a small in-wall save, only it is in the wall with wooden doors and a door lock. My parents stored away dried foods, canned food, sweets, and all sorts. It only took a walking distance between kitchen and room to get what she needed. You can turn a closet into a pantry by removing all the clothes and filling it up with kitchenware.

Can dispenser: I recently posted an article on different types of can storage racks to give you an idea of what kind of can dispenser you may need. They are small, medium, and large, and serve the simple purpose of creating a well-meaning pantry for space. The canned dispensers can be placed anywhere, like countertop, cupboards, or shelves. 

Storage racks: The only downside is the exposed look; storage racks or baker’s racks can be used as a pantry. There are loads of different kinds of stuff that can go on it and save you loads of space. 

Decluttering: If you can’t sort out any storage space and don’t have a pantry in your kitchen, then decluttering is another solution. Removing unwanted or unused items in the kitchen could help create space or reduce the need for a pantry. 

Where should pantry be placed in kitchen?

Many of us would wonder where the pantry be placed in the kitchen? But there are designated areas for it. For example, you can keep your cabinet pantries next to the fridge, next to kitchen doors, sink, or wall stud. It is also possible to use multiple pantries for different type of storage, each pantry for specific food groups. 

What is the Difference Between Pantry and Kitchen?
What is the Difference Between Pantry and Kitchen?


We now know and understand the difference between pantry and kitchen. A kitchen is for food preparation, while a pantry is for food and other items storage facility. 

A pantry helps save space; it helps keep the kitchen organized and tidy. You can create room for a pantry in the kitchen, other rooms, on in-wall or on-wall, behind doors, and every other space available. A pantry can be a small room, a cabinet, a rack, or a shelf.

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