From kitchen organization to creative accent walls and magnetic chalkboard backsplashes to DIY window treatments, we’ve put together the best low-effort ideas for an inexpensive way to organize a kitchen and decor makeover. So you’ll have time to cook up a feast and entertain your friends instead of slaving away on a design project or concentrating on the best paint for kitchen shelves that will bankrupt you. If you want to know what is the best way to organize a kitchen is, then continue reading. Below is the best way to organize a kitchen.

  1. Magnetic chalkboard backsplash
  2. Chalkboard art
  3. Accent wallpaper
  4. Chalkboard paint
  5. Window treatments
  6. Area rug
  7. Wallpaper
  8. Lighting
  9. Cabinet Transformation
  10. Spice racks
  11. Drawers and pantry organization
  12. Mason jar
  13. Laundry solutions
  14. Food storage containers

Check out our favorite inexpensive kitchen decorating ideas.

Magnetic chalkboard backsplash

Shop Magnetic Chalkboard

Take the chalkboard craze for kitchens and bring it up a notch with this magnetic backsplash. It’s perfect for jotting down quick notes or creating designs. You can even cover the entire thing in sandpaper and use it as a planning surface. Plus, it’s easy to paint over when you’re ready for a change.

Chalkboard art

Shop Chalkboard art

Get creative with your art and cover the backsplash with chalkboard paint. If this is too permanent for you, try covering the wall behind your range with chalkboard paper. 

Accent wallpaper

Shop Accent wallpaper

This patterned wallpaper is an inexpensive way to add style to your kitchen walls. The geometric pattern looks contemporary without taking away from your kitchen’s character. If you can’t find the wallpaper just right, create it with a large paint roller and stencils.

Chalkboard paint

Shop: Chalkboard Blackboard Paint

If you don’t need all of the visual excitement of wallpaper, go for a single accent wall in your kitchen. Many individuals are scared that their walls will seem cluttered or that they can’t be able to decide what to do with a whole wall if they go with this notion. But this is a mistake, as I’ve been proven time and time again in my kitchen! So instead of covering your wall with a single accent color, use chalkboard paint. Then, you can add a bold or classy design that doesn’t take up much more room than one accent color in the middle of your wall.

For those with limited funds, you can use chalkboard paint on your pantry shelves. It’s perfect for creating fun designs such as chalkboard stickers that spell out recipes or lists of key ingredients. Or consider stenciling your pantry shelves with chalkboard paint. The results will be similar to painting the accent wall, but it’s an easy way to fake its design from afar. 

Window treatments

Want to make your kitchen window more appealing? Here are some inexpensive ways that you can do just that! Window treatments bring any room together and can open up a room and make it look larger and brighter than it is.

  • Drapes: A simple drape pattern on your kitchen windows can change everything. Coordinate your drapes with the size of your kitchen windows, and you’ll instantly bring more light into the room. The bigger your windows are, the heavier your drapes can be. If you don’t want a bold color or pattern on your kitchen window, go for something straightforward.

Area rug

Shop: Kitchen Mat

You can’t go wrong with a rug or drapes on your kitchen floor. But you can create an extra special touch by getting one that coincides with its design. For example, if your walls have a repeating wallpaper pattern in smaller patterns, consider purchasing an area rug with a similar design but greater depth and dimension.


Shop: Wallpaper

If you want to pay less for a more modern print for your kitchen wall, look for a wallpaper with graphic elements the same size as the pattern on your drapes. Then you can use it to break up the habit of your kitchen windows and give your room a nice balance of pattern and simplicity.


Shop: Pendant Light Fixture

Another way to ensure you’ve got enough light in any room is by adding some pendant lights over any countertops that act as the corner of the room. You can install them anywhere, from over one side of the sink to over your stove.

  • Light Fixtures: Sometimes, all you need is more light! If you’ve got good kitchen lighting but don’t want to spend much money on it, consider replacing your outlet with a simple, dimmable one. Then use the dimmers in each light and set them to different settings depending on the time of day you use them. You can also add a light fixture to almost any kitchen corner. Just make sure that if you’re placing it near a window, it isn’t obstructing the view.

Cabinet Transformation

If your budget is limited and you can’t get enough cabinets for your kitchen, try recreating more space with this idea. First, paint the bottoms of your cabinet doors in a color that’s lighter (or darker) than their existing color, then leave the top untouched. This will look like more cabinets than what you already have!

Spice racks

Shop Spice racks

Another way to make your kitchen a little more interesting is by adding spice racks to help you organize your spices! If you’re not organized enough as it is, this can help you get more organized in no time at all. Use galvanized wire fencing and attach it to the front of your cabinets, back of your countertop, or wherever you want it to hang. Then fill it with your favorite spices, herbs, seasonings, and other items.

Drawers and pantry organization

Shop Pantry shelf

Want to make your kitchen so much more efficient? Organize the drawers! If you’re not using all the space in your refrigerator to store food items, why not use that space for more helpful storage? For example, pack some boxes with extra paper towels or napkins so you can always have a stack on hand when guests come over.

If you don’t have extra paper towels or napkins, consider using your pantry shelves to store items you usually find in a kitchen drawer. For example, if you have eggs stored away in a different cabinet, bring them next to your stovetop so that they’re easier to grab in the morning.

If you’ve got extra space on your sink or stovetop, convert a drawer into a spice rack and put it right there! Then, you can use it to store those hard-to-reach items like cinnamon sticks.

Mason jar

Shop Mason jar

Speaking of storing spices and herb/spice blends, where do you go when you need a little something to spice up your food each time you cook? Try making a strawberry jar for all of those small items. Also, you can get a glass mason jar and use it to store your seasonings if they take up too much room in one area.

Laundry solutions

Shop Laundry basket

You can also utilize areas of your kitchen that you might not often use if you want to create additional storage space in this way. For example, you can turn the back of your pantry into a storage space for extra clothing items or laundry supplies. If there’s not enough room in your cabinet for these, you can use that leftover space under the sink for a stationary or drying area.

A sink liner can help divide the space under your kitchen sink into four areas and add more storage to your kitchen! You must line it with plastic wrap and keep some towels inside so that dust and dirt don’t collect on top of it.

What’s the best way to organize a kitchen?

When it comes to organizing your kitchen, there are plenty of ways to use simple, affordable items to make your life a little easier. For example, if you don’t have enough cabinet space for your cooking supplies, consider putting the ones you don’t often use in the cabinets on top of your stovetop or under the sink. This can free up some extra space!

  • You can also hang a basket over the side of your cabinets to store utensils using a plastic utensil holder. This way, they stay out of sight yet are still easily accessible whenever you need them.
  • A spice rack can also keep your spices and condiments organized in an organized manner if you don’t have enough cabinet space.
  • And don’t forget the usefulness of that extra space under your sink as a place to hang clothes or even your laundry baskets! The best thing is that you can use it as a place to put things like mops or brooms, so they’re out of sight but still right at hand!
  • Use glass jars to store kitchen items or hold ingredients if you don’t have enough cabinets and shelves but don’t want chopped onions and diced garlic sitting on your countertop.
  • You can even keep fresh fruit out on the counter in a glass jar if you’d like. Make sure that it’s washed out well after each use so that mold doesn’t grow inside it.

Food storage containers

Shop Food storage containers

You can also keep your kitchen organized by using food storage containers! Store everything from lettuce to cookies and keep them on the refrigerator shelves, making them easily accessible. These are also good for keeping items you don’t use often but don’t want to throw away. 

Storage baskets

Shop Storage baskets 

Using a storage basket or tray is another simple technique to keep your kitchen tidy. This way, you’ll have all the things you need on hand. You can even create a basket for your utensils or dish towels!


Consider implementing some of these suggestions to make your kitchen more usable. Check out our post on how to stock a well-stocked pantry for additional helpful hints.


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