Pantry Closet: How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pantry Closet?

Having a pantry closet could be an option to create more space in your kitchen—not only space, but keeping everything well organized. How much does it cost to build a pantry closet?

Built-in closet cost: Budget-friendly solutions for reach-in closets cost approximately $1,000, while luxurious rooms with center islands and vanities cost over $50,000. A specialized closet organizing system costs $3,000–5,000. 

So, how much do pantry closets cost?

Also, how much does it cost to convert a room into a closet? The cost of a walk-in closet remodel varies depending on its size and quality. You may be able to find one with a few racks and storage for $200 to $1,000. On the other hand, a high-end bespoke closet with a contractor or handyman might cost $5,000 or more.

Do built-in wardrobes enhance their value?

A bespoke closet adds two to three times the cost to the home’s worth. Potential home buyers want to walk inside a property and know that everything will fit flawlessly.

How much does a pantry closet cost?

A closet in a room increases its functionality and reduces clutter. Creating a closet is roughly $2,000. However, expenses might vary depending on various variables.

How to design a pantry closet

There’s a difference between a pantry full of half-empty chip bags and a pantry closet with enough elegance to fill a room. Whether it’s a large walk-in with a window or a little corner nook, your pantry closet may be as valuable and lovely as your kitchen.

Here are beautiful pantry closets for your kitchen and house.

Pantry lighting

Because most pantries lack windows, they seem gloomy and cave-like. How can you pick a snack when you can’t see? Install some lights in your pantry, like these under-the-shelf LEDs.

Make a kitchen extension.

In addition to the kitchen, why not design the pantry together? To make it a seamless extension of your kitchen, use the same tiling and finish on the shelves as your cabinets. 

Cut a corner.

If you’ve always wanted a pantry closet but thought you couldn’t fit one in, think again. This lovely nook transforms an underutilized kitchen corner into a more usable space.

Make it look lovely.

Considering your pantry as a separate space in your house can help you maintain a tidy and well-stocked pantry. With light wood flooring, a glam chandelier hanging above, and a window letting in lots of light, this pantry could be a home.

Your cookbook library

A pantry cabinet is ideal for displaying cookbooks. Making them easily accessible increases their likelihood of being used. 

Add back stock.

The greatest pantry closets store more than typical kitchen cabinets. So stock up on essentials like water and paper towels to avoid shortages.

Color your snacks!

Organizing your favorite foods into a rainbow arrangement not only looks great but also makes it easier to find what you need when you need it. And it makes organizing enjoyable.

Risers with cans and jars

Jars and canned goods tend to get lost behind each other. With pantry risers, you’ll never have to dig through them all again to locate a single can. 

Use patterns

It’s unusual to see a real-boast-type pantry. So we’re here to normalize pantry wallpaper, like a stylish gray and white gingham in the kitchen.

Include drawers

A range of storage options ensures that everything has a home in a personalized pantry design.

Rotating lazy susans.

Rotating Lazy Susans are a great pantry accessory. With these rotating displays, you’ll never have to shuffle bottles to locate your favorite spicy sauce.

Rotating lazy susans.

Organize with baskets.

You can put them in baskets to keep them clean. Fill open-weave baskets with potato chips, juice boxes, and fruit.

Appliance storage

Cooking is tough when your kitchen counter is packed with equipment. So instead, establish a space in your pantry closet for anything from your toaster to your pressure cooker.

Use it to store party food.

The pantry isn’t simply for endless snacks and pasta, and it’s also great for storing heavy party dishes and cake stands. Kitchen cabinets should be stocked with daily things.

Label boxes.

Labeling boxes, baskets, and drawers can help you stay organized and make meal planning a breeze. It’ll also keep you responsible for putting items away and keeping your pantry orderly.

Spices on risers.

Every pantry has doubles or triples of the same spice. Keeping things on risers allows you to see everything and reach everything. Decant them into uniform bottles for a luxurious effect.

Abide by windows

Most pantries are hidden behind solid or frosted glass doors, but when your pantry is this lovely, you’ll want to show it off. This trendy trio of glass doors invites visitors to assist themselves.

Transparent containers.

Knowing this keeps everything neat, organized, and sorted. When using transparent containers, make sure everything is visible and accessible. Label everything to get bonus points.

Organize your pantry.

Food in mismatched cartons and bags might clutter your pantry. However, everything from flour and sugar to pasta and cereal looks better when decanted into transparent glass containers. Even better, you can see how much of each item is remaining, so you know when to replenish.

Make your combination.

When in doubt, use all the most excellent pantry organization methods. This room includes transparent containers, lazy Susans, risers, and bins to keep things organized.

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