Can You Have A Pantry Into Laundry Room?

Can You Have A Pantry Into Laundry Room

It is too common that most people try to cram as much stuff into the space they have to work with and let the rest of their house suffer. However, a pantry and a laundry room together will help create extra space in your kitchen. This article will answer the question, “Can you have a pantry into a laundry room?”

Yes, you can have a pantry in your laundry room. The pantry in the laundry room maximizes your square footage and makes it easier for you to access everything you need.

Both pantries and laundry rooms are frequently undersized despite their importance. Can these two rooms be converted into one larger one to save on floor area? We have compiled the solution below for your ease of use.

A pantry and a laundry room may be combined without any problems. This space benefits from being close to the kitchen. It should be alright to arrange the room in this fashion if the washer, dryer, and shelves can all fit in the available space. It’s best to keep the washing supplies and the dry products in one area when you have to share a pantry and a laundry room.

Read on to find out whether or not you can install a pantry in a laundry room, whether or not you can put a washing machine in a pantry, and whether or not you can have laundry in a butler’s pantry. We’ll also give you some pointers on how to make the most of the space in your laundry room and pantry.

Combining the Utility Room and Kitchen

You would want to merge your kitchen pantry and laundry area for several reasons. First, some homeowners may prefer having a combined space for these two purposes since it provides a convenient location for storing food and moving laundry operations out of the main living quarters.

Several strategies exist for accomplishing this. Using the available wall space, a washing machine and dryer may be installed on one side of the room, while you can fit the other with shelves or cabinets for storing groceries.

Can A Pantry Be Added To A Washing Area?

Any laundry room with enough wall space for shelves may accommodate a pantry. Windows in a combined laundry and pantry space provide more light than would be available in a separate, walled-off space. With this merger, you may consolidate two small closets into one spacious walk-in closet.

You should locate the pantry and laundry room combo next to the kitchen. Organizing your dry products facilitates adequate grocery storage and quick access when cooking. A washer and dryer nearby allow you to do a load of laundry and clean the kitchen simultaneously. Towels used in the kitchenOpens in a new tab. may be easily tossed into the washing machine when the two spaces are adjacent.

A combined laundry room and pantry work best if there is a dedicated space for folding clothing and another for keeping dry products. There are many different types of packaging to consider when sorting through while stocking a pantry, including but not limited to: plastic tubs, paper bags, metal canisters, and glass jars. Consider the height and breadth of each item as you arrange them.

Store your canned and dry items in the pantry or refrigerator in airtight containers. If you do this, you’ll have greater flexibility in deciding how and where to keep the food you want in your pantry. For this purpose, Mason jars, Tupperware, and other transparent plastic storage containers work well. To better see what you are dealing with, stack these from tallest to shortest.

Extra Methods for Stocking and Arranging the Pantry

Create distinct areas for various types of food. When doing this, it’s important to group items that are similar or will be prepared together. For instance, if you have a variety of dried beans for chili or soups, it would be helpful to keep them all in the same container. As another example of grouping comparable items together, put all of your sauces in one area of your cupboard. You should also sort your baking supplies, snacks, cereal, and canned goods.

You may also use baskets to keep your laundry room neat. Put your packaged products in a basket for easy access and organization. Bagged things don’t stack as well as other types of containers, so storing them in a basket will keep them handy and out of the way.

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Having labels in place also aids in the area’s readability. For example, dates of use-by can be printed on labels for dry products for easy tracking. It is also helpful for keeping an emergency kit or other household necessities neat. For example, markers, pens, tape, bandages, triple antibiotic ointment, insect spray, and sunscreen should all be stored in an easily accessible basket.

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To ensure you don’t forget to replenish supplies when they are used up, keep a sheet of paper for a shopping list close at hand or post one on a wall.

Maintaining a Tidy Laundry Room or Pantry

We’ve covered the best practices for keeping your pantry tidy; now, let’s discuss doing the same for your laundry. One option for maintaining laundry essentials like detergent, dryer sheets, and stain remover all in one place is to install shelves. Alternatively, you might use a basket to store your dry goods in the kitchen.

It’s a good idea to have a drying rack or a bar to hang clothes on as soon as they come out of the dryer. This will provide a convenient holding area for your clean laundry until you can put it away. Even if you use a dryer, this will help you keep organized. You can hang clothes on a bar extending from one wall to the next to facilitate their subsequent storageOpens in a new tab..

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Putting a washer and dryer in the pantry?

You can install a washing machine in a pantryOpens in a new tab.. A few little alterations are necessary to turn your pantry into a laundry room. You might, for instance, place the washer against one wall and the shelves against the other. The primary concern is the proximity of your food to your washing machine and dryer. Cans and dry products are typically stored in the pantry, so avoid liquids. If you want to keep your canned foods in good condition, you should keep them out of the area where your washer and dryer are located.

Is a Butler’s Pantry a Suitable Location for a Laundry Room?

Whether or not you can store clothing in a butler’s pantry depends on the size of your home and your willingness to repurpose the space. You may use a butler’s pantry for laundry because it often features a sink and cabinets.

You may include a small refrigerator or sink in some more luxurious butler’s pantries. Your butler’s pantry may double as a makeshift kitchen, with its sink and plenty of surface space. If your butler’s pantry has a sink, setting up a washing machine inside shouldn’t be too difficult.

Home value can be increased by including a butler’s pantry. A butler’s pantry is like a second kitchen because it requires a separate area. To put it simply, having both can help you stay more organized. You may use this space for either meal preparation or laundry sorting and storage. In addition, butler’s pantries often include extra counter space that you may put to good use as a staging area for the many tasks involved in getting everything in order.


You can combine the functions of a pantry and a laundry room with good results. Shelving for your food goods and a designated laundry area are two necessities for this task. Having cabinets to put food in keeps it off the floor and out of the way of any moisture that could be in the air. Shelving is a good alternative to cabinets if you lack the resources to construct the latter.


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