Having a storage for pantry comes with many benefits, like having a well-organized pantry. We all know the hassle of pantry space-saving techniques, but you will have the tidiest pantry with the right pantry storage ideas. We will review storage for pantry benefits and explain the pros and cons, but first, what are the benefits of pantry storage racks? 

Benefits of Storage for Pantry

  1. It helps to identify expired cans easily.
  2. It helps maintain the “first in, first out” storage technique.
  3. Adding a storage rack to your pantry is a simple and cost-effective way to increase storage space.
  4. It is simple to assemble and may be customized in size and height.
  5. It is simple to clean and takes only a small amount of cleaning.
  6. Pantry storage help keep the pantry tidy.
  7. They are both cost-efficient and effective in creating the appearance of space.
  8. They are also available in various materials, including stainless steel, plastic, and coated steel.

What is a pantry storage system?

There are different pantry storage options used to keep the pantry organized. There are 4 storage for pantry systems we will point out here, each with its benefits and shortfalls.

1. Shelf storage system

The common pantry storage system is shelving. Shelves help keep pantry items off the floor and can be used as a can storage rack for pantry. Shelving also helps keep the pantry organized and allocates items appropriately for easy access.


  • Incorporating shelves into your pantry is a simple and inexpensive process. 
  • A wide range of shelf depth and breadth options are available.


  • It might be hard to reach back and pull out multiple items if the shelves are too deep and not U-shaped.

2. Pull out drawers.

Pull-out drawers for pantry allow you to move the shelf forward on slides to get to the rear of a cabinet or cupboard’s contents more easily. Pull-out drawers can also be called glide-out shelves, pull-out shelves, or slide-out shelves.


  • It is simple to put up and can be adjusted in height and width.


  • Weight limits
  • Drawer jamming
  • Depth variations
  • Shelves require precise loading.

3. Pull out baskets.

Organizers that slide out from the wall are called “pull-out wire baskets,” and they are used in pantries. You can easily find these pull-out baskets online, but you have to be specific. This is because there are different types, like pull-out baskets for pantry. There are other pull-out baskets for bedroom closets, mudrooms, and other places. Drawers are mounted inside a cabinet or closet, and they perform functions that are similar to those of cabinets. On the contrary, baskets may be a preferred storage option over typical closet drawers depending on the situation.


  • They are frequently employed in the storage of vegetables.
  • Cleaning is simple, and just a small amount of cleaning is required. 
  • They give the appearance of more room while also being cost-effective. 
  • Made from various materials, from stainless steel to plastic or coated steel.


  • Compared to other forms of shelving, they don’t allow for as much customization.

4. Stand-alone baskets

Stand-alone baskets have an open design and are used to store food items in the kitchen or pantry. You can use them to store canned food, vegetables, and other food items. The stand-alone basket also comes in different shapes, sizes, and quantities. The best part about the stand-alone basket is the tiered storage baskets. You can easily find the 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2-tiered baskets.


  • It is effortless and inexpensive to install. 
  • They are available in various forms, sizes, and materials like plastic, wicker, and steel.
  • The perfect choice if you want to create a classic or pantry design.