Spice Racks: What Is The Best Spice Racks For Pantry Door Mounting?

Spice Racks For Pantry Door Mounting

How do you attach a spice rack to the pantry door? The attempt to have handy, dry shelves housing spices in the kitchen is one that many people struggle with. But now, there might be a better solution for you! Here are some tips on spice racks for pantry door mounting.

Once you’ve mounted your spice rack, you will want it on both sides of the door to help add more storage space and avoid wasting countertop space.

It is best to have the rack on a narrow wall to help prevent it from sliding. The door can be mounted using double-sided tape or screws. Drive screws slightly shorter than required, or use heavy-duty double-sided tape and then screw the rack to the door.

  1. You should mount the spice rack above eye level to always see it when opening your pantry door.
  2. To provide counter space, you might try to find a spice rack with a shelf extending towards the door’s middle. This will mean that you will use the entire rack width for spices, and your spices will be at eye level.
  3. The spice rack should provide easy access to your spices and allow you to see what is there quickly.
  4. It’s best to place the spice rack out of the way of the oven and burner so that nothing gets too hot.
  5. Above the rack are two suggestions for mounting a spice rack in the pantry. First, note that if you have extra space between the door and the wall, consider putting a second shelf on it.
  6. Your spice rack can be mounted so that all your spices are visible and at eye level. Here is an example of mounting a spice rack inside a pantry door.

Do I need to go through all of this trouble?

While the benefits are appreciated, don’t let your pride get in the way of getting a good design. If it just seems like a hassle, consider using an alternative such as an over-the-door hanger. The advantages and hassle of using a spice rack inside your pantry are worth it.

For those that want a perfect design, there are many options. For example, you can mount your spice rack directly on the door for an extra touch of style. In addition, some shelves can swap in for your pantry door spice rack, which is a great idea for smaller kitchens.

Some people have also mounted their spice racks to the back of the pantry doors to add more storage space, but this isn’t optimal and might cause problems in the future.

Among the parts needed to mount a spice rack inside your pantry door, there are four that you need to consider. This includes:

  • The rack is an eye-level shelf, 
  • A screw hole is mounted on the wall, 
  • A hole mounted on the door. 

The most common list of parts you will need will include:

  1. Your spice rack: To measure up your space, this should be 1″ taller than your pantry door opening.
  2. Your eye-level shelf: This should be mounted with the screw hole on it.
  3. Your wall hole: This should be about 1″ larger than your pantry door opening.
  4. Your door hole: This should be about 2-5/8″ larger than your pantry door opening. To further complicate matters, you will want to place your wall hole 3/4 inches from the top of the spice rack.

Once you have all the parts, it is best to mount the spice rack on a hard, flat surface. You will want to measure up from the bottom of your spice rack and place your wall mount hole. Make sure you place your eye-level shelf at least an inch below the wall mount hole.

If all these holes are correct, you can drive a wood screw through each one. The screw should be 3″ long and shorter than your spice rack. To place your eye-level shelf, measure the distance between the wall mount hole and your end wall, and then drill a hole in all four corners of your eye-level shelf that is the same size as the wall mount hole.

The mounting holes on the back of a pantry door are designed to hold screws that are just slightly longer than what you are using. You will want to mount your eye-level shelf towards the middle of the door so that you don’t have to remove it to open or close your pantry door. You will want to screw or tape the rack onto the door.

A great idea is to add a hole to the back of your pantry door. This hole helps prevent air from entering behind it and helps prevent a draft from going through.

As you can see, it is very easy to mount a spice rack inside your pantry door. You will find that it is great for adding extra storage space and helping to streamline your pantry.

How to build a spice rack for the pantry?

The attempt to have handy, dry shelves housing spices in the kitchen is one that many people struggle with. But now, there might be a better solution for you! Here are some tips on how to build a spice rack inside your pantry.

Build the frame of your vegetable rack first by mounting two 2″ x 8″ pieces as legs. Next, you will want to mount four 2″ x 4″ boards and connect them at 90-degree angles. This will form the bottom of your vegetable rack.

Using these same pieces on the top of your vegetable rack, attach them to the sides and end of your frame. Make sure there is enough room to slide items into and out of it.

Next, you will want to put up a back piece using a butt joint to hold the sides together. Essentially, you are creating an I-shaped unit with two open ends that you can fill with various spices, herbs, and other dry goods.

Constructing your spice rack can be more efficient for you by constructing flat panels. These will give you an array of different spaces for organizing your herbs, spices, salad dressings, and other dry goods.

You can build your vegetable rack with a variety of materials. For example, you can use wood or plastic sheets and screws to construct the sides of your vegetable rack. Or you can use wooden slats from a single board instead if you want to reduce waste.

The use of flat panels is essential when you are building your spice rack so that you will be able to fit as many different spices on it as possible. After all, that is the point of designing a spice rack for the pantry!

Tips on how to build a spice rack for inside your pantry?

Spice racks inside your pantry are just one solution to making dry goods more convenient and accessible in the kitchen. The key to presentation and usability is in constructing your pantry spice rack. Here are some tips that you will want to consider when building yours.

You will first need to decide how large you want your pantry spice rack to be. It can vary from a simple block around 3″ x 3″ x 9″ high to a variety of sizes:

It should be at least 9″ high but not more than 12″, and no wider than 12″. If you are sorting your spices in the pantry, the width should not be more than 15″ wide.

It is important to remember that if you have a small pantry, you will want to make it as tall as possible. Also, having a heavy spice rack can damage your flooring or walls. Before determining the size, you will have to consider how much storage space you have in your kitchen and whether or not you can fit it in your pantry.

The next step is to ensure that your spice rack is the right size for your cupboard. For example, you could have a 15″ wide pantry, but if your rack is 14″ wide, you may have a problem. Adding extra racks will be necessary if you intend to store groats or grains in this unit.

When sizing everything correctly, it will be much easier to decide where you should store each piece of clutter in the pantry.

Choose the design of your pantry spice rack to match the shape of your cupboard. In other words, if you have a square kitchen pantry, make sure that your rack is also square. Likewise, if walls are on either side or a countertop is in front of your cupboard, keep these aspects in mind when determining how to construct your pantry spice rack.

While you can buy pre-made spice racks, they can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, you may not want to buy a pre-made rack for your pantry unless you buy it for the convenience of using it and not just for the looks.

For example, you can make your spice rack from wood that you already have in your home. It is easy to build a pantry spice rack from tongue and groove wood or by laminating wood together. You can also do this with a PVC pipe to create a clear plastic rack.

As you can see, with a few extra minutes and materials, you can easily build your spice rack inside your pantry.

How to build a spice rack for the kitchen?

Have you been searching for a way to improve organization in your kitchen? For example, perhaps you would like to enhance storage space and make it easier to find things like spices quickly without rummaging through storage boxes. If so, you’ll be pleased to learn how simple creating a kitchen spice rack is.

As far as building a spice rack goes, there are several options. As an example, you may manufacture one out of wood and L-shaped metal bars, or you can use the door panels from your kitchen cabinet to make one out of plastic. You’ll be able to put your spices away in a way that’s both convenient and simple to use.

  • To begin, choose the sort of rack you wish to construct. 
  • After that, consider how much space you have now and what you want to store there. For example, if you use a plastic tray to store spices, ensure that the shelves are deep enough to fit your spice containers.

If you plan on building a wood spice rack, you will want to cut up pieces to the size of each shelf and then attach them with screws. You can also use brackets or dowels for sturdiness and additional support.

Also, consider whether or not you want dividers for your spices. If you want dividers, ensure they are deep enough to accommodate the spice containers. If you plan on using a plastic tray, you will want to ensure that the dividers are large enough to fit full spice containers.

Next, select a rack that is right for your spices. Will it be one made out of wood for herbs and spices? Or are you going to build a plastic spice rack? If it is wood, make sure your wood is sturdy enough to withstand being handled frequently.

If you make the wood sturdy enough, you can easily paint it to match your kitchen or pantry. You could also decorate it with stickers, decals, or stencils.

You must consider where you plan to store your spice rack in the kitchen. If it is placed against a wall, it is one of the most accessible places to put it up. Another option is to put it in a kitchen corner if you have one.

If you have a cupboard door above countertop height, you will want to ensure that the racks are sturdy enough to sit on top of the countertop. You also want to ensure that the rack is strong enough for heavy spices and herbs.

If it is made of wood, you need to ensure that the rack will not be too heavy and cause the countertop to crack. This can be a concern if you have a solid surface like tile or quartz.

When deciding where to put your spice rack, remember that your storage space must also fit inside it. Therefore, it’s essential to check if the drawers or cabinets you intend to use for your spice rack can fit plastic trays. Likewise, if you are using one of the L-shaped metal racks, make sure it can fit inside your storage space.

If you have any questions about choosing the right rack size or what type of wood to use, you should consult an expert who can build your spice rack for the kitchen. They will know where to look for materials and what types of racks work best in different spaces.

How To Build A Spice Rack?

You can build a spice rack using different materials, including clothes hangers, PVC pipe, and wire shelving. But, first, you should measure the dimensions of your space or cupboard to determine how big the rack will be. The size will depend on the kind of rack that you build; the more shelves and compartments in the spice rack, the heavier it will be.

Once you’ve determined the size of your rack, head to your local hardware store or home improvement store to find wire racks. They are often composed of aluminum or steel with varying sizes and hues.

You can select shelf sizes that match up with the spice containers you have and any dividers you may wish to use. If you don’t already have spice containers, you can purchase them at the same store where you buy the spice rack.

If you don’t want to use wire racks, you can make your own with wood and L-shaped metal bars. You want to be sure that the wood is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the spices and herbs. Using this method, some people will paint or decorate them with stickers or decals.

If you plan on using PVC pipe, then you can make a simple wooden spice rack by using L-shaped metal bars and screwing them into the walls of your cupboard. You may want to spray paint or decorate this rack as well. If you use clothes hangers, you can also attach them to the inside of your cupboard door.

Once your spice rack is built, line it with a sheet of acrylic plastic for extra protection for your spices and herbs. This is available at your local hardware shop.


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