Pantry Cost: How Much Does It Cost To Add A Pantry?

It depends on how many shelves, broom racks, and garbage bins you want, but it seems like it would cost about $300-600 + supplies. Use this if you have a pantry with doors and merely need shelves. However, if you want custom cabinets, the cost is much higher. Also, if you wish to have cabinets created, genuine wood is preferable to MDF. MDF is fine for painting shelves, but not so lovely for building cabinets.

Depending on the material and components, you may anticipate spending between $3000-$5000, depending on the material and features. Custom color matching and custom-built MDF doors might add considerably.

What to do if you have no pantry?

Many households lack a pantry. However, a functioning and well-flowing house do not need a pantry. Just be a little innovative.

Here are a few basic no-pantry ideas that might transform a tiny kitchen.

No Pantry: Small Space Storage Ideas If you don’t have one, consider these small pantry ideas.

Use an old bookshelf.

Adding a bookshelf to your kitchen works great and is a cheap way to create a pantry. They are thin and elegant enough to fit against any wall or fridge side. In addition, it features a lot of room and storage that may help you organize your kitchen.

If you’re afraid of having an open pantry, make some eccentric curtains to place over the front of your pantry shelves. 

Add a mobile pantry.

Slimline movable pantry uses space between your refrigerator and wall or any other tiny gap.

An open bookshelf on a blank wall

You certainly have empty wall space that might be quickly filled with bookshelves. In addition, this will provide an extra area to keep plates, cups, and other stuff. If you aren’t utilizing the wall space for something specific, you are wasting valuable storage space

Use cabidor cupboards.

This innovative behind-the-door storage solution is adaptable and suitable for tight areas. A cabidor is a hinged storage closet that can be used anywhere. This is the right solution for a small kitchen pantry

Buy stackable storage containers.

Stackable storage containers may declutter your kitchen, particularly on an open shelf. Investing in high-quality kitchen storage containers can also help you decrease waste in your house, as you can fill them straight from bulk food retailers, eliminating packaging waste. 

Create a pantry somewhere.

This isn’t ideal, but it’s a way to obtain your pantry without sacrificing too much. Who says you can’t make a storage closet or other functional space in your house into your kitchen pantry?

It will just add a few steps to your stroll, but walking is always beneficial. Put the spare blankets and towels away and take over the hall closet.

Get a can stacker.

These highly rated can dispensers maximize space efficiency and accessibility. You may put them on a counter or in a cabinet. 

Bakers rack

This baker’s rack may be used as a pantry, for example. If you don’t like the exposed shelves, you can cover them with fabric and use the top to store your toaster or microwave. 

Minimize your assets.

If you can’t find a means to establish a pantry in your home, it may be time to downsize some of your possessions. Take stock of your dishes, glasses, cutlery, and cooking pans, and decide whether you need them all. If you can readily remove any, do so. For example, decluttering your kitchen will free up cupboard space for a pantry.

Getting rid of things is sometimes the quickest method to attain what we desire. You don’t need to spend a fortune redesigning your kitchen to realize your pantry fantasies. Instead, test out the aforementioned no-pantry solutions.

If you still don’t like them, you may consider the more costly and time-consuming choices to determine what works best for you. 


A pantry allows you to create a feeling of flow, store food or kitchen supplies, and store food ahead of time so you can meal plan for your family if you can locate a simple storage solution that meets all of your requirements.

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