Do you love baking? Are you having difficulty with your baking supply storage? Then, you are alone. We all know that baking is a popular hobby for many people, but it can also be challenging to keep all baking equipment organized and easily accessible. A well-organized pantry is vital for keeping your baking ingredients in order, whether you’re a professional baker or a home chef.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best 6 DIY baking supply storage ideas for your pantry to help you keep your baking supplies close at hand.

DIY Baking Supply Storage Ideas for Your Pantry

1. Mason Jar Storage

The best container to hold ingredients for baking, such as flour, sugar, and baking powder, is a mason jar. They are visually beautiful and keep your contents fresh while being sealed. Just write the contents on the jar’s label and place them on a shelf or drawer.

2. Hanging Basket Storage

A hanging basket is the best place to keep your regularly used baking items. This may apply to spoons, measuring cups, and other implements. To keep everything accessible, the basket may be hung on the wall or even placed under a shelf.

3. Magnetic Spice Rack

A magnetic spice rack is a great place to keep little jars of spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. This rack style may be wall-mounted, keeping your spices close at hand but still taking up less room.

4. Over-the-door Organizer

Baking sheets and cooling racks are ideal for storing in an over-the-door organizer. An organizer of this kind may be hung on the back of a door to keep things together and out of the way.

5. Lazy Susan

Items like jars of sprinkles, chocolate chips, and other baking necessities are perfect for keeping on a lazy susan. This kind of storage is ideal for maintaining order and making everything accessible.

6. Repurposed Drawer Organizer

A repurposed drawer organizer keeps baking supplies like pastry bags and cookie cutters. This organizer keeps everything in one place and is simple to reach. It may be utilized in a drawer or on a shelf.

What should not be stored in a pantry?

Some things should be kept out of a pantry because they might not be appropriate for the environment or hazardous to other things that are kept there. Several instances include:

  1. Fresh produce: Fruits and vegetables shouldn’t be kept in a pantry since they need special conditions for storage and might make other food products inside go bad.
  2. Refrigerated items: Foods that need refrigeration, like dairy, meat, and eggs, shouldn’t be kept in a pantry since they degrade rapidly.
  3. Cooked food: Food that has been cooked shouldn’t be kept in a pantry since it may draw bugs and deteriorate rapidly.
  4. Chemicals: Cleaning products and other chemicals shouldn’t be kept in a pantry since they might be dangerous if consumed and can affect the food kept there.
  5. Open packages: Food in open packaging shouldn’t be kept in a pantry since it may attract pests and degrade more rapidly.

It’s crucial to remember that these things must be kept where they belong, such as in a separate cabinet for chemicals and the refrigerator for chilled products. These foods will stay fresh and safe for ingestion if stored properly.

How do you organize baking and decorating supplies?

Keeping track of various supplies can be challenging when organizing baking and decorating tools. Here are some pointers for maintaining order in your baking and decorating supplies:

  1. Sort and group items by category: Sorting your goods into groups, such as baking pans, measuring spoons, and decorating tools, is a good place to start. This will simplify locating what you want when working on a baking endeavor.
  2. Use clear containers: Use transparent containers like plastic bins or jars to keep your materials. You won’t have to go through several containers to find what you need because it will be simple to view what’s within.
  3. Label everything: To ensure you know exactly what is inside, mark your containers with the contents. You’ll save time and avoid misunderstanding when searching for anything.
  4. Utilize vertical space: Utilize vertical space to your advantage by storing your materials on pegboards, wall racks, or hanging baskets. In addition to making it simpler to see and reach goods, this will free up counter and floor space.
  5. Keep frequently used items within reach: Keep regularly used things close at hand, such as measuring spoons and cups. You’ll save time and bake more effectively as a result.
  6. Invest in a decorating turntable: Cake turntables make it simple to design cakes from all sides while holding them steady.
  7. Keep decorating supplies together: Keep all your decorating tools, including couplers, tips, and icing bags, in a separate container or drawer.

These suggestions help you keep your baking and decorating ingredients organized and straightforward to locate, making your baking tasks more effective and pleasant.

Is it better to store flour and sugar in Glass or plastic?

When deciding between glass and plastic containers to keep flour and sugar, there are a few things to consider. Glass containers will keep your flour and sugar fresh for a very long time since they are airtight. Glass is also non-porous, which has the advantage of not absorbing tastes or aromas from your components. Glass containers are advantageous because they are dishwasher safe and simple to clean.

Plastic containers will keep your flour and sugar fresh since they are airtight. Because of their small weight, they are simple to handle and store. Furthermore, they are less brittle and likely to break than glass containers. Compared to glass containers, plastic containers are also less costly.

You can generally keep your flour and sugar safe from air, light, moisture, and pests by storing them in Glass or plastic containers. Glass containers do, however, offer certain advantages over plastic containers, such as being non-porous and having no chemicals that may contaminate food. Glass containers are the best option if you’re searching for a container that can be used for a variety of tasks, including storing, exhibiting, and even measuring.


Having a well-organized pantry makes baking more efficient and pleasant. You can quickly organize your ingredients and find what you need by implementing these DIY baking supply storage ideas