What Is The Best Vinyl For Pantry Labels?

Best Vinyl For Pantry Labels
Best Vinyl For Pantry Labels

What is the best vinyl for pantry labels is another common question when labeling food packages. Pantry labels are an excellent way to ensure that you never again find a jar of coffee grounds in the back of your pantry. But because there are so many options for vinyl labels, it may take time to decide what to choose. This post will help steer you straight, detailing the best vinyl for pantry labels.

Now, before we begin, it is important to understand that pantry labels are a one-time expense since they can be easily installed, peeled off, and written over. If you buy the best pantry labels and there’s too much adhesive, the label will last longer than the peel-off type.

The other thing is that pantry labels are designed to last for years, so picking a less expensive vinyl label will only make it last less time than it would have.

6 Best Vinyl For Pantry Labels

With all of this in mind, we found some great pantry label options for all budgets. For the extra-budget-conscious, we found these to be our favorites:

1. Labelmaster 6mm Clear Text Heavy Duty Self-adhesive Vinyl

These self-adhesive labels are designed for heavy use and will last as long as needed before you need to replace them. In addition, they are only 0.002 inches thick — a tiny bit thicker than a credit card — so they won’t stick to your pantry wall and will keep their adhesion until it’s time to reuse them.

2. Smart Marker Labels by Smart Remark

These are great for people who want to write over their pantry labels several times before re-ordering. They’re great for permanent markers and any other marker. They are not designed to be reused several times, but they will definitely last many years and stick well enough to stay on your jars during the laundry process. If you want something a little more permanent, these are perfect.

For the most part, these are a great option for those on a budget, but if you have a little more to spend, we found these to be our best pantry label picks.

3. Durable Self-Adhesive Clear Vinyl Labels (50)

These are thicker vinyl labels than the others and come in two different sizes. They also come in clear and white (though we recommend using white). These labels can be used repeatedly if necessary; they hold up well with regular use and won’t stick to your pantry wall.

4. AmazonBasics Commercial Kitchen Labels (50 Pack) 

These labels are thicker than the other options and will last for years without peeling off or wrinkling. They’re also clear and can be written on with permanent markers, making this a great choice for people who use their pantry often. However, if you need an adhesive that isn’t quite as thick, we found these to be our two best pantry label picks:

5. Fiskars Peel & Stick Labels (50) 

These are only 0.015 inches thick, less than a credit card thickness, and will stick well without being so thick it’s hard to remove.

6. Avery 5383 Laminating Adhesive for Clear Labels (50)

These are 0.04 inches thick, which takes us back to our credit card thickness from earlier, and will stick very well without having to peel them off your pantry wall. You can also reuse them multiple times as they don’t need to be removed as often if they are not too worn out.