Painting Your Pantry Door – Top 3 Best Paint For Pantry Door 

Top 3 Best Paint For Pantry Door

If you are like most people, you don’t give your pantry door as much consideration as you once did. However, the reality is that there are several considerations to weigh while deciding on the right paint for a pantry door. What, for instance, are the suggested paint types for your particular surface? Is it surface-resistant to scratches? Which kind of treatment will help your door survive longer and look more professional?

Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint is a great choice for painting pantry doors because it’s durable, easy to use, and comes in a variety of colors.

Before buying paint, all of these factors and more should be carefully considered since they will ultimately determine how effectively your paint works. So if you’re prepared to start looking for the best paint for pantry doors, let’s do it now.

Factors to consider

The first thing to consider is whether you’re painting an interior or exterior pantry door. Due to how simple it is to keep and clean, many people paint their pantry doors with outside paint. Just wash off the surface to remove dust and maintain houseproud to ensure the paint lasts decades. Nevertheless, those who live in considerably colder climates should consider selecting an outside paint that is more resilient and protective rather than one that can be readily removed by scrubbing it down. Also, the exterior doesn’t generally sustain much damage. It’s already outside, so it’s different from getting knocked around, scraped, or exposed to many elements.

But if you want to paint the interior of your pantry door, it’s preferable to choose a semi-gloss paint rather than one with a high gloss finish. There is too much surface reflection for a high gloss paint, which would be more of a nuisance than anything else. It can also be advised that you use flat paint instead because it is less reflective and more straightforward to clean.

Type of surface

The sort of surface you’re painting is the next factor to consider when selecting paint for a pantry door. This may be a solid surface or one with a lot of texture. Use oil-based or latex-based paint on solid surfaces since they are more enduring and robust than other paint forms. For the sparkling elements on your kitchen walls to remain intact, it is essential to avoid using water-based paints on any surface that cannot be readily scraped off. On the other hand, it’s better to choose semi-gloss paint if you want to go with a highly textured surface (like your kitchen cabinets).

The minor price difference is worth it for the peace of mind from not worrying about accidents and spills leaving markings on your cabinets.


The amount of light the pantry door receives should also be considered while picking paint. This may limit the kind of finish you choose as well. For instance, if you decide on oil-based paint, you can be sure it will be more robust and scratch-resistant. It is advised to avoid using them with any highly polished surface, though, since their sheen may reduce the luster of the surface. For instance, it’s ideal to ensure the paint is thick enough not to scrape the surface when painting a wooden pantry door.


Another thing to consider when selecting paint for a pantry door is how effectively it will hide whatever you’re attempting to hide. This implies that you should choose a paint that will readily conceal blemishes and marks on your pantry door if you’re trying to paint over them. Because applying highly reflective paint will draw attention to these flaws and make them appear more visible, it is advisable to avoid doing so.

Last but not least, in addition to whether or not it will work in your particular situation, there are several other things you should consider when picking paint for pantry doors. Are you prepared to purchase wood filler, for instance, if your pantry doors are made of wood? This would be a different but equally viable solution. You may get fantastic bargains by conducting web research and looking for different effective filling kinds in your specific situation. It should be alright if you read reviews rather than ignore them.

What is the best paint for pantry door?

Depending on your particular preferences and the design of your home, there are many beautiful possibilities for painting a pantry door. Here are three well-liked options:

1. Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint

This paint is ideal for giving your pantry door a shabby chic or country appeal. It has a chalky, smooth surface that may be aged for a vintage appearance. It is available in several hues, such as linen white, charcoal, and serenity blue.

2. Benjamin Moore Advance Interior Satin Paint 

This paint is an excellent choice to give your pantry door a more conventional, classic touch. It has a slight shine and polished appearance and is strong enough to survive regular use. It is available in several hues, including the traditional white, black, and navy.

3. KILZ Interior/Exterior Enamel Porch & Patio Latex Floor Paint 

Consider applying floor paint on your pantry door if it sees a lot of use for added longevity. While intended for floors, this KILZ paint may also be used on doors and trim. It is available in various hues, including slate grey, silver grey, and beige.

Always follow the manufacturer’s directions and pick suitable paint for your job.


By all means, employ someone to assist you in picking paint for a pantry door if you need expert advice. Again, this usually has a price tag, but if you need to know what you’re doing, especially if it’s something as priceless as your pantry door, it’s worth the expense. If you need clarification on anything else, hire a specialist to pick the paint for your pantry doors so you can be sure it will look excellent and function well for a long time. Spending more money in the name of convenience is insignificant.

You now know the ideal paint for pantry doors. Check out our best paint sprayer review if you need another reference.