Does Pantry Have to Match Cabinets?

You may be contemplating whether the pantry should match the cabinets in terms of kitchen decor. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter if the pantry door and the cabinets don’t match. So we asked the experts whether the pantry had to match the cabinets. 

According to experts, match the pantry door to the kitchen cabinetry if you can. A well-executed mismatch can give the kitchen an aesthetic boost. A matching appearance makes the kitchen appear clean and polished, while a mismatched look adds character.

Don’t worry if you’re still unsure about matching the pantry door to the cabinets. This post will elaborate on the subject. But, first, find out how to make your kitchen appear better by mismatching the pantry door with the kitchen cabinetry.

The Aesthetics of Pantry Doors

It all depends on your personality and style. Some appreciate the polished look of matching kitchen cabinets and doors, while others are more daring and prefer contrasting patterns and colors. 

Get a lustrous look.

If you want a beautiful yet orderly kitchen, matching your doors and cabinets’ color, style, and design can do the trick. Here are some examples of how to obtain this look:

A kitchen pantry looks unified.

This is a unique design that blends your pantry with the rest of the kitchen, making it virtually unnoticeable. In addition, because it resembles a large cabinet, your pantry door is hidden.

All your kitchen hardware should be made of the same material. As a result, use the same material for the pantry door and cabinets as you use for the kitchen cabinets. To establish a unified look in your kitchen, have your carpenter carve identical motifs on each one, remember to use the same color.

Pantry cabinet matching trim color.

The pantry door trim can match the cabinets or walls. So, the pantry door trim might match the cabinets’ color, but the pantry door can be a different color. Another great idea is to match the color of your pantry door trim to your worktops above the cabinets. 

Matching tone

You can customize both the pantry door and the cabinets and be creative. For example, if your cabinets have glass windows, you may attach a large glass window pane to your pantry door to create the same impression. 

To create an alluring mismatched look.

If you are a free-spirited person, you probably don’t want to match everything in your kitchen. Unfortunately, contrasting colors and designs create an appealing, mismatched impression in the kitchen. You need to develop your design to get this impact carefully. Here are several examples:

  • Cabinets and pantry in two colors: This look may be achieved by utilizing one for the pantry door and another for the cabinets. 
  • For a dramatic effect, paint the cabinets a dark blue and the pantry door and walls white. You might also alternate hues like blue and orange, red and green, or yellow and purple. 
  • Color mix on cabinets and pantry: The cabinets and pantry doors are painted in various colors: bright hues or paler colors for a more subtle effect.
  • Stencil: Alternately, paint the pantry door and cabinetry in contrasting colors. Opt for stencils that aren’t busy in the pantry door and the cabinets.

The benefit of matching cabinet doors 

A few easy steps, such as following these benefits of having a well-organized pantry, may help you fall in love with your pantry again and over again.

1. Make good use of essential areas.

Organizing your pantry to its maximum capacity can assist you in freeing up space and keeping your counter clear of clutter. To get started, empty your pantry and measure the height and width of your shelves, then write a list of the goods you use the most frequently from that point on. 

You will be able to customize your whole pantry based on your family’s needs as soon as you put the proper organizers, bins, and baskets in place.

Make use of space-saving alternatives such as turntables or tiered shelves to save on floor space.

2. Help save you money.

Knowing what you have in your pantry helps keep track of what you need. So you won’t have to guess if you have that ingredient in the kitchen. You will also save money by allocating an area for all non-perishable goods, avoiding duplicating components.

3. Bid farewell to the pantry bugs.

Get rid of pantry pests quickly. Pantry pests, I said. They are attracted to specific scents, such as packaging glue, and may be lurking in your half-opened spaghetti bag. Using canisters instead of packets and original packaging can extend the shelf life of food.

4. Keep the pantry clean. 

Keeping everything in the pantry and cabinets organized means washing down the surfaces and cleaning them. Counters are kept uncluttered, so a quick wipe down and clean is all that is required. Canisters are ideal for organizing your pantry. They help you establish structure while also making it simple to discover what you’re looking for every time you open the cabinet door. 

5. Ability to mix and match.

Having an idea of what you have in your pantry helps you mix and match items. Then you can try out new recipes or come up with your own unique ones for you and your family to enjoy.

Why a pantry door?

It doesn’t have to be entirely wood or laminate. It should be adaptable to your style and hue: 

  • Install a glass pane in a wooden pantry door for a vintage look. You may enhance the overall design of the door by carving the glass to match the rest of the kitchen.
  • A curtain can be used as a pantry door. Choose a cloth that complements the shelves, cabinets, and kitchen. It works well in a tiny pantry.
  • Why not go all out for a farm-style kitchen? You may use chicken wire to create a huge windowpane on your door.

Do you paint a pantry door?

Yes, you may paint the pantry door inside and out. You need to match the colors to the rest of the kitchen, as stated in the first part.

How should the pantry look?

Experts advise using white or bright colors to shine on pantry doors to reflect light and make spills or stains visible. Then, even in dim illumination, you can readily see the products on the shelves. Of course, color is a personal decision, and dark hues may work just as well in your pantry. However, combining dark and light colors is an excellent concept, like a green wall with white bookcases.

Can I paint my pantry shelves?

You may change the colors of the pantry shelves just like the rest of the kitchen. However, to make a good kitchen, the colors must be coordinated. To complement a similar hue on the pantry walls, you may choose lemon yellow or white cottage shelving.

Can you mix and match kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet matching is dependent on the situation. Kitchen cabinets don’t need to match, and you may create kitchen cabinets to your specifications. If you like, they can be dressed in the same way. Everything is determined by the intended appearance and feel.

You may combine colors and materials to create an environment that is unique to you. However, it is preferable not to produce a crowded or half-finished look. Instead, keep transitional elements like baseboards and crown moldings to preserve a streamlined aesthetic.


Matching your pantry door to your cabinet will give your kitchen the look you want. If you don’t match them, you may create unique designs that complement your kitchen. Identify colors and styles to create a well-balanced kitchen that you will enjoy cooking in.