What Are The Best Can Stacker For Pantry?

What Are The Best Can Stacker For Pantry
What Are The Best Can Stacker For Pantry

Background: Canned foods are often used for long periods without needing to be opened if stored correctly. This is because sealed cans generally have a shelf life of 2-3 years. Most people put their canned food away once they get tired of it, but I will be covering how you can save money and preserve your old food. In this article, I will go over the ideas for preserving foods and give you some tips on how to do so.

Can Stacker

This efficient can storage system allows you to store up to five stacked cans on top of each other. The system uses two towers with a rod/handle in between them, and the towers are mounted vertically on both sides of your cabinet or pantry door. Both right-handed and left-handed people can use the towers. The system is straightforward to assemble and use. 

There are several brands of this product, including 

  • Stack-a-Can
  • Pantry Genie
  • Carioca

Other products include the 

  • Tubs Organizer, 
  • Can Racks & Holders, 
  • Pantry Rack, 
  • Can Safe,
  • Cardboard Express Stacker. 

You can find these products in most stores like Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and even some grocery stores. The prices range depending on where you buy them, but they are inexpensive. The can stacker is also very easy to clean, which is a plus.


  • The can stacker allows you to store up to five cans in one space-saving some room on your counters and cabinets. 
  • Each can have its own space that is easily accessible. 
  • This system allows you to store different foods in one place and even display them with picture holders. 
  • This system is compact and saves a lot of space, and the towers are sturdy and durable; they don’t break easily like the cheap plastic ones usually have problems. 
  • The system allows can rotation, so you can easily access your cans without moving the rest of them.


  • The main con with this product is that it can only stack cans on top of each other, not side by side. 
  • Many people also complain that the handles on the towers are fragile and break when a lot of weight is placed on them. However, you can fix it with duct tape or replace it with better material. 
  • Another problem with the system is that since the cans only stack vertically, it is hard for both left-handed and right-handed people to reach a specific item because everything has been stacked one way.

Can Rack

The can rack is a system of 10 cylindrical-shaped posts held together by a frame. There is a lip on the top of the posts where you can put cans. The cans can then go on top and are easily accessible once you lift the lid off. This storage method is commonly used in restaurants, schools, and homes. A can rack made of plastic and metal, so it is generally a sturdy storage product. However, there are still problems it may have with breaking. This system is generally cheaper than the can stacker. You can usually find this product on Amazon and in some grocery stores.


  • The main pro to this system is that it allows you to store your foods on their side, which helps with preventing spoilage, and light damage, and also helps with being able to find what you need easily. 
  • This system uses less space than the typical method of storing cans upright on a shelf or vertically in your cabinet. 
  • It may be easier for left-handed access since it is done horizontally rather than vertically.


  • The biggest problem with this storage method is that the handles seem to break very easily. 
  • Removing the cans from the racks is also very difficult since they are stacked vertically. 
  • The cans don’t rotate, so you have to remove the first can before you can get to your next one, and having too many cans in your rack will be very annoying to remove and stack. 
  • This system is also not great for liquids, making it a little challenging to use for things like ketchup, jelly, or syrup.

Food Saver

Companies use this product to preserve food in vacuum bags; they take the air out of a bag and use it as a vacuum sealer, keeping foods fresh longer. However, it is a relatively expensive product. The Food Saver is the only way to preserve your old cans. However, different brands are available, like the:

  • Stenner, which is made to stack cans,
  • Dehydrate, which may not be able to stack cans without special adapters.


  • There are many advantages to using this system. 
  • The main pro is that you can preserve food in vacuum bags without damage. 
  • This system also uses very little space and is very easy to use with two hands; it may even make things easier since there will be fewer parts in your cabinet or pantry.


  • The first problem is that the Food Saver only comes in one size, so you must store the vacuum bags in another separate container or space. 
  • Another problem is that it is costly, which is why most people don’t use it. 
  • Some people also complain about how much work the Food Saver is to get set up. There are quite a few parts and steps for you to follow to preserve your food properly.

9 best can stackers for pantry.

1. Simple Trending Stackable Beverage Soda Can Dispenser 

Stackable Beverage Soda Can Dispenser

Simple storage for up to 12 cans of standard size, 12 ounces each, You can use this to store food or soda. Include four rubber connections and stack as many units as possible to make the most of your available storage space. Simple assembly is required; it is constructed of solid, durable material with a black covering.

You should clean, organize, and store your cans in the kitchen, the refrigerator, and the cabinets. The design has a square tube, both sturdy and not bulky, making it more stable. While you pick up one can, the others will roll into place on their own. Dimensions: 17.25″L x 6.5″W x 8.25″H (Each)

2. JinaMart Refrigerator Organizer, Canned Food Pantry Storage Rack 

Canned Food Pantry Storage

This can holder saves room by storing beverages and juice. It holds food and beverage cans. The fridge can organizer holds nine 7.5-oz cans. These can holders hold up to 9 cans in the fridge. These BPA-free containers are suitable for food storage. Can dispenser racks are space-saving and provide optimum storage. Round bottoms and non-slip ridges prevent cans from dropping, while translucent plastic lets you see inside.

These boxes make organizing tiny items easier. Ideal for creating space in tiny areas. This holder works in pantries, drawers, cabinets, and counters. Dimension = 13.5 “x 5.5″ x 3.75”

3. Wosovo Kitchen Cabinet Stackable Storage Racks with Anti-Slip

Cabinet Organizer and Storage Shelves Stackable

Made with plastic and steel. The three-way shelf organizer saves room. Use the two racks separately for two-tier storage, side-by-side for extra storage, or stacked for three. These racks fit under overhanging cabinets or with spices on the stove. Larger bottles and canisters should be on top. They keep prep, mixing, measuring, and cooking surfaces clean.

These shelves are perfect for the kitchen and other places. For example, you may stack washcloths or toothbrush containers on the bathroom counter. Home office racks organize pen cups and desktop objects. Finally, storage racks with rubber feet protect surfaces.

Welded and coated to resist corrosion and water. Fill each rack’s highest level with jars, canisters, and other heavy items. Plastic shelf liners keep items from falling off. Metal countertop storage shelves have two plastic shelf-top liners for smaller items—simple racks for stacking, loading, and enjoying.

4. Stackable Can Dispenser, For Food Storage and Pantry

Can Rack Organizer

The pantry can organizer is composed of powder-coated aluminum and is not easily bent. It’s hence stable and long-lasting. Moreover, the 3-tier Cabinet Basket Organizer is waterproof and may be used in the pantry, kitchen cabinet, or refrigerator.

Start stacking beverage and food cans from the rear. Then, when you need the front can, the back can roll forward, making it simpler to reach.

The 3-Tier Can Organizer Rack maximizes vertical space. The stacking design organizes canned food, soda cans, and other household needs, making cupboards and refrigerators small and neat.

The can dispenser set holds 72 cans, and six adjustable dividers organize cans and jars. It increases pantry cabinet and countertop storage.

The Stackable Can Rack Organizer assembles quickly. It may be layered and combined. Dimensions = 16.53 (L), 13.38 (W), and 14.76 (H).

5. Easylife 6-Tier Over the Door Pantry Organizer

Door Pantry Organizer

Six baskets make arranging easy and small for holding spices, seasonings, cans, or bottles.

One basic door rack may be a pantry shelf organizer, a bathroom or cabinet door shelf, a can/bottle rack, and a snack organizer. It’s perfect for extending your home’s pantry, living room, kitchen, or basement.

Two suction cups and two superglues are included to ensure a snug fit between our behind-the-door organizer and wooden doors: no collapses or falling objects.

This behind-the-door storage organizer is composed of high-quality powder-coated aluminum, which increases load capacity and durability. Dimension = 16.93″ L, 4.72″ W, 53.14″ H.

6. Simple Trending 6-Tier Can Rack Organizer.

Can Rack Organizer

This is a terrific way to organize and free up room in your kitchen pantry cabinet. This shelf can hold up to 72 cans or jars of various sizes. With a five-layer can rack, you have a lot of storage space since it can hold many cans.

You can use these twelve adjustable plastic dividers to keep cans, jars, and beverage cans organized and aligned. Included in the package are all the necessary tools for assembly—a bronze-plated metal structure with rubber padding for non-slip and non-scratch performance. Dimension = 17.25”W x 11.75”D x 27” H.

7. Simple Trending 4-Tier Can Rack Organizer for Kitchen or Pantry.

Can Storage Dispenser

Ideal for storing a range of different-sized cans and jars in your pantry cabinet, this rack holds up to 48 items. Store as many as possible using the four metal connections and available storage space. Add more racks to your storage system for more space.

Six plastic dividers can be adjusted, allowing you to store various cans, jars, and beverage cans in an ordered and aligned fashion. Included in the package are all the necessary tools for assembly—a durable white-coated aluminum structure; and rubber pads to keep it from sliding or scratching surfaces. Dimensions = 17.375″ x 12.82″ x 17.5 “

8. Standing Stackable Can Dispenser Storage Organizer

Standing Stackable Can Dispenser Storage

The tiered design of the stackable can be used alone or stacked to suit your specific requirements. For example, you may store it in a cabinet or tabletop to make the most of your available storage space.

You can store soda, canned fruit and vegetables, soup, broth, and pet food in this two-tiered container until you’re ready to use them. Thanks to the foldable construction, it is simple to store on a shelf or desk when not in use.

A thick metal wire grid provides superior load-bearing properties and extended use duration. Thanks to the basket’s open design, you can see everything in it. It’s also a cinch to load and unload the contents. Dimensions = 11.4″ L x 6.2″ W x 8″ H. 

9. Stackable Can Food Dispenser & Storage 36 Cans for Pantry.

Stackable Can Food Dispenser

The can food organizer features uncomplicated lines and a white hue, making it simple to clean and versatile enough to look good in any kitchen or pantry. The high-density plastic board was used in constructing the canned food organizer.

If you have the room, the can food organizer has a flat top and a flat foot, designed to stack on top of one another. The can food organizer is very simple; all you need to do is put it together, and some teams can do it in two minutes. Dimensions: 14″ x 17″ x 11.75″ 


Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on how to preserve your cans so they can last for another year or two longer and help save you some money.