What Is The Difference Between Prime Pantry vs. Fresh? (Explained)

Prime Pantry vs. Fresh
Prime Pantry vs. Fresh

Amazon pantry and AmazonFresh are two different services available in select areas/cities only for Amazon prime members. The pantry and fresh are also separate in terms of services and fees you can purchase. Below is an overview of the difference between prime pantry vs. fresh.

The difference is that AmazonFresh is a free grocery delivery service for members with prime subscriptions for fresh produce. Likewise, the Amazon pantry is where you can purchase household products and shelf-stable pantry staples with free delivery for prime members.

Amazon Fresh can be used by Prime members only, while the Amazon pantry can be used for prime members and non-Prime members in selected or eligible cities.

What is Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh is a free grocery delivery service from Amazon, specifically for Prime members. With AmazonFresh, you can order household essentials and get them delivered to your doorstep within an hour. With Amazon Fresh, you can order everyday essentials, items from local shops, fresh groceries (perishable products), and many more. 

Amazon offers a 30-day free trial to get started. After that, there is a shipping charge of $4.99 to $9.99 when you do not meet the minimum spend. The minimum spend is about $35 to $50, depending on the area. 

What is Amazon Pantry?

What is Amazon Prime pantry, and how does it work? A free prime member delivery service delivers everyday package sizes like a single box and bulk items in multiple large sizes. With Amazon pantry, you will get household products and shelf-stable pantry staples that would have cost a fortune to ship. 

The Amazon pantry helps minimize the cost of products that could cost more to ship or may not qualify for free individual shipping. Also, products that could be expensive to send or too large to be picked up in-store. 

Prime members get the service or delivery free on orders worth $35 and over, but to get the service if you are not a member could cost anywhere from $5.99, a flat shipping fee. 

Is AmazonFresh worth it?

To use Amazonfresh, only prime members who are ineligible cities can use it. Things you can buy using Amazonfresh include groceries like perishables and produce, everyday essentials, local shops, and restaurant favorites. Amazon Fresh is worth it. The service is free.

Orders under the local minimum of $35 to $50 will incur a shipping fee of $4.99 to $9.99. Orders that exceed the local minimum get automatic free shipping. 

Prime Pantry vs. Fresh
Prime Pantry vs. Fresh

Amazon pantry vs. fresh

To understand the Amazon pantry vs. fresh, below are some delivery options for Amazon pantry vs. fresh. Some of the Amazon fresh delivery options include:

Amazon fresh grocery delivery options

Some delivery options for Amazonfresh groceries can be done to your doorstep/doorman; you can also pick it up yourself, available in selected cities for free and even without the minimum order. 

The main take for Amazon fresh is that you can order complete food products or your local favorite and groceries, including perishable and fresh produce, to your doorstep while still enjoying the competitive Amazon prizes. They include: 

Attended delivery: With attended deliveries, you can choose a time slot to receive it yourself when available in person. Another option is to leave instructions on how to deliver the groceries with a concierge or receptionist. 

Doorstep delivery: You can choose a two to three-hour time slot for Amazon to leave the product with a doorkeeper or leave it on your doorstep in a temperature-controlled tote. In most cases, you should only use this option if the delivery driver can be granted access to the building and leave it wherever you choose. 

Pickup: This option is only available in selected cities. You can pick up your order in a chosen location within your time slot and as early as in the next 30 minutes for free. Also, with this, you do not have to pay the minimum order. 

Is Amazon’s pantry worth it?

The main take for Amazon pantry is that you can order affordable and individual-sized products that would, in any normal circumstances, not qualify for free shipping or cheap shipping. Also, bulk products that are expensive to ship do not have to meet the high shipping minimum. 

Amazon pantry delivery options include:

With the Amazon pantry, those who can use it are prime members and non-prime members but only in selected regions. Using the Amazon pantry, you can buy household items, pantry staples, a bulk cleaning supply, or personal sizes. The service is free, but the delivery fee does not apply for orders over $35 for prime members. Non-prime members pay a $5.99 flat shipping fee and orders under $35 for prime members. 

Can you use Amazon Pantry without Prime?

Yes, you can use Amazon pantry without Prime, but you will have to pay a flat shipping fee of $5.99. As a Prime member, you can use the Amazon pantry for free, but you must meet the minimum order requirement of $35. With the Amazon pantry, you can conveniently buy all your cleaning supplies and dry goods orders delivered to you in bulk or personalized form.

Cities with Amazon fresh

Below are cities with Amazon Fresh: 

In the United States, Amazon Fresh currently has 18 locations in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, and Washington D.C. Amazon Fresh also has 6 locations in London in the United Kingdom.

  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore 
  • Boston
  • Chicago 
  • Dallas 
  • Denver 
  • Houston 
  • Las Vegas 
  • Los Angeles 
  • London
  • Miami
  • Minneapolis 
  • New York
  • Phoenix 
  • Philadelphia 
  • San Diego 
  • San Francisco 
  • Seattle 
  • Washington DC 

Is Amazon Fresh cheaper than Whole Foods?

No, Amazon Fresh is not cheaper than Whole Foods because Amazon Fresh is an everyday grocery shopping store that comes at low prices, while Whole Foods is more natural and organic food with a higher price point.


To bring the prime pantry vs. fresh to a conclusion and understand Amazon Fresh, you should first understand how a grocery shop works, and it is all done online. You can order fresh fruits, whole foods, and any local favorites that get delivered to your door. On the other hand, the Amazon pantry is for pantry staples delivered in personal sizes and bulk.

Delivery for Amazon pantry depends; it is delivered through ground shipping and can take one to four days to be delivered. But you can also track your orders easily. 

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