Why Does Prime Pantry Charge Shipping?

It depends on your needs and budget. Prime Now is ideal for getting groceries, snacks, and emergency items like batteries or diapers. It’s delivered by Amazon staff, and there’s a delivery or handling cost if you purchase products less than $35.

Prime Pantry provides a substantial number of products that will last several weeks. But, unfortunately, they charge postage if you don’t meet the minimum threshold. So, why does Prime Pantry charge shipping?

Amazon Pantry charges a fee if you are a non-subscriber and spend or buy products for less than $35.

Because of the number of goods that customers often order, Pantry tends to charge less for the same things that Prime Now also supplies. So, Prime Pantry gets you everyday items at lower prices for a flat fee per order.

Prime Now is designed to fulfill basic, modest orders in a few hours. However, they offer a narrower variety and higher pricing. And you have to pay for shipping on smaller orders or buy more than you need.

Is Prime Pantry right for you?

After reading all of this information regarding Prime Pantry, two things are clear:

Prime Pantry is popular for its convenience. You don’t have to leave your house, and everything is delivered directly to your door. In addition, the student discount is a terrific deal for individuals who don’t have automobiles or don’t want to carry big grocery bags home.

Prime Pantry is not a grocery savings program. It’s easy, but the flat-rate delivery and absence of generic names come at a cost. The four-day delivery is disappointing but not ruinous.

Using Prime Pantry has several advantages and disadvantages. Cost and convenience will undoubtedly decide, but it all depends on your circumstances and finances.


Is Amazon Pantry worth it?

Even if you don’t use Prime Pantry, Amazon Prime is worth the money. Amazon didn’t become known as the first e-commerce platform by accident.

Is Prime Pantry worth it?

If you are a hard-working professional or a supermom, Prime Pantry is worth it and maybe a good option for you. For instance, going to the supermarket rather than working or taking care of our family might have a high opportunity cost for many people. 

How do I avoid delivery charges on Amazon Pantry?

Add an Amazon Fulfilled product to avoid the additional fee. You can purchase everything from a simple current affairs book to a cosmetic product or soap. In addition, there will be no additional shipping charges because Amazon is giving free delivery on its fulfilled orders.

Is Amazon Pantry discontinued?

Yes, but the Pantry service will continue to operate in the 290 cities where it is present. In addition, where the two services have been combined, clients may still select between two-hour delivery or delivery slots between 6 a.m. and 12 a.m. in places where the two services have been combined.

There is no longer a separate Amazon Pantry service, but instead, those home goods and shelf-stable pantry items are now available on the main Amazon website, where you may purchase them.

Why was Prime Pantry discontinued?

In early 2021, Amazon canceled the service. In addition, during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Amazon Pantry was also stopped due to unsustainable demand and shipping issues.

How much does Amazon Pantry cost?

Free delivery is available for purchases of $35 or more. However, Prime members may purchase a $4.99/month Prime Pantry subscription to receive free delivery on orders of $10 or more from Prime Pantry.

What’s the difference between Prime Pantry and Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh

Amazon employs Fresh to deliver food from local eateries. But the service is limited.

Fresh is a $14.99 monthly add-on for Prime members who want free grocery pickup or delivery. 

Amazon Fresh provides perishables, frozen groceries, and fresh, local delicacies.

Prime Pantry

Amazon offers a special service for Prime members to purchase groceries and home supplies. Unlike Amazon Fresh, Prime Pantry does not sell perishable products like meat, dairy, or produce.

Prime members may shop for daily items like cereal and groceries with Prime Pantry, including snacks, breakfast foods, drinks, cosmetics, personal care products, and home goods.

For a monthly subscription of $7.99, Prime members may get free delivery on all orders of $40 or more or pay a flat $7.99 shipping price per order.


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