What Is The Difference Between Pantry Car vs. Onboard Catering

Pantry Car vs. Onboard Catering

If you are wondering about the difference between pantry car vs. onboard catering, you are not alone. Most people get confused when the term “pantry car” is used. Also, it is easy to confuse the two because of the similarities between pantry cars and onboard catering. Therefore, we will examine the differences and similarities between pantry car vs. onboard catering. 

Difference Between Pantry Car vs. Onboard Catering. The main difference between a pantry car and onboard catering is that a pantry car is a dedicated carriage in a train that carries food and beverages, while onboard catering refers to the service of providing meals and refreshments on the train.

Pantry cars are equipped with kitchen facilities to prepare and store food, whereas onboard catering involves the delivery of pre-prepared meals from base kitchens to the train.

What is a Pantry car?

A pantry car is a coach on a train that contains different food items and restaurants where food is stored, cooked, and served to passengers. In other words, a pantry car is a food storage coach from where catering services are offered to passengers. Another name used to refer to pantry car is “storehouse” or “restaurant car,” where food is served to passengers at the table.

What is onboard catering? 

Onboard catering is a type of catering service provided on a transport system; this service is offered on a train, airplanes, and ferries.

What is onboard catering on the train? 

It is a catering service offered to passengers on a train, and private vendors run it. Onboard catering on trains is aimed at providing travelers with mouth-watering refreshments throughout their journey. 

What is an Onboard catering restaurant?

A catering restaurant that prepares, serves, and organizes food service for different events like wedding ceremonies. Onboard catering restaurants also offer custom services whereby customers choose their preferred meals. Their service includes wedding catering, breakfast catering, personal catering, family catering, and party catering.

Difference between Pantry car vs. Onboard catering

  • A pantry car, storehouse, or restaurant car is where food is stored on a train, cooked, and served to passengers on tables, and managed by the train operators, comes with a fixed price. 
  • Onboard catering is also provided on a transport system like a train to serve passengers a meal in different varieties and managed by private companies or individuals. 
  • The pantry car has a coach where food is stored and served while catering stores food on trolleys or mini kiosks. 
  • Pantry cars are found on long-distance trains with limited stops, while onboard catering is typical on most trains, airplanes, and ferries. 
  • Onboard catering trolleys and kiosks are stationary, and passengers will buy from there or move around while passengers place their orders. 
  • Pantry car also comes in the form of mini restaurants on a train with tables and staff.
  • The onboard catering served packets and already-cooked food, and the pantry car cooked and served food on plates. 
Difference Between Pantry Car vs. Onboard Catering

Food quality in Pantry car and Onboard catering

The food quality is excellent, don’t forget these are packet food stored in a food warmer to maintain the required cooked food temperature. The food is delicious, just like the ones served on an airplane. A professional chef prepares the food, so you’d expect carefully and adequately cooked food. 

Benefits pantry car and onboard catering

  1. Provides refreshment
  2. Cheaper than most restaurants
  3. You can take food packets home
  4. Reduce hunger on long-distance travel
  5. It also makes time go fast psychologically
  6. Keeps you entertained 
  7. Suitable for passengers who need to take a meal before medication
  8. Source of revenue for the transport provider

What is the meaning of eCatering?

eCatering is a pre-ordered meal. It is the process of ordering a meal before it is delivered. For example, you can pre-order a meal or beverages and pay before serving to you on the train or airplane. It is usually done before your travel day or while making a booking. eCatering is served in packets and in warm conditions for a warm meal or cold conditions for beverages.

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