Where To Buy Bread In Houston? A Guide to Finding the Best Bakeries

Where To Buy Bread In Houston?

Are you in Houston and craving a freshly baked loaf of bread? Do you know Where To Buy Bread In Houston? Look no further! We’ll take you through Houston’s top bakeries and help you find the perfect place to buy bread. Houston has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for artisanal sourdough, traditional baguettes, or gluten-free options. Let’s dive in and explore the best places to satisfy your bread cravings in the vibrant city of Houston!

Where To Buy Bread In Houston

When it comes to buying bread in Houston, Slow Dough Bread Co. Offers a wide selection of artisan bread made with natural ingredients. Common Bond Cafe & Bakery is Known for its freshly baked bread and pastries. Kraftsmen Baking is A bakery specializing in handcrafted bread using traditional techniques. Angela’s Oven, Bread Man Baking Company, and El Bolillo Bakery.

These establishments have earned praise for their excellent bread offerings and have become popular choices for bread enthusiasts in Houston.

Houston is known for its diverse culinary scene, and when it comes to bread, the city does not disappoint. You’ll find a wide variety of options, from family-owned bakeries to trendy artisanal shops. In this article, we’ll highlight the top bakeries in Houston, their specialties, and where you can find them. So, let’s get started and discover where to buy bread in Houston!

If you’re wondering where to buy bread in Houston, you’re in luck. The city is home to several fantastic bakeries that cater to all types of bread lovers. Here are some of the best places to satisfy your bread cravings in Houston:

The Bread Box

The Bread Box is a charming neighborhood bakery that offers a wide selection of artisanal bread. Their bread is baked fresh daily using traditional techniques, from crusty baguettes to fluffy brioche. They also offer a range of gluten-free and vegan options, ensuring everyone can enjoy their delicious creations.

Houston Bread Co.

Houston Bread Co. is a local favorite known for its hearty and flavorful bread. Their specialty is traditional sourdough, crafted with care and baked to perfection. The bakery also offers a variety of pastries and sandwiches, making it a great spot for a quick bite.

Flour Power Bakery

Flour Power Bakery is a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Houston. This family-owned bakery prides itself on using only the finest ingredients to create its delectable bread. From classic whole wheat loaves to unique flavored bread like jalapeno cheddar, there’s something for everyone at Flour Power Bakery.

The Artisan’s Oven

For those seeking artisanal bread made with passion and precision, The Artisan’s Oven is the place to go. Their skilled bakers meticulously craft each loaf using traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients. From French baguettes to rustic ciabattas, you’ll find an array of bread options that satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Gluten-Free Delights

Gluten-Free Delights is the perfect bakery for you if you follow a gluten-free diet or have gluten sensitivities. They specialize in creating delicious gluten-free bread that rivals its traditional counterparts. From fluffy sandwich bread to indulgent pastries, their gluten-free offerings are sure to impress.

Where To Buy Bread In Houston?

Where to Buy Cuban Bread in Houston?

If you’re searching for delicious Cuban bread in Houston, you’re in luck! The city has several bakeries and specialty stores offering authentic Cuban bread. Here are a few places where you can satisfy your craving for this delectable treat:

  1. Havana Cuban Sandwiches – Havana Cuban Sandwiches is a popular spot to find fresh and authentic Cuban bread. They pride themselves on using traditional recipes and techniques for baking their bread, ensuring an authentic taste and texture.
  2. Café Piquet – Café Piquet is another excellent option for Cuban bread. Known for its Cuban cuisine, this restaurant also bakes and sells its Cuban bread, allowing you to enjoy it at home or as part of their delicious sandwiches and dishes.
  3. La Cubanita Panadería – La Cubanita Panadería is a charming bakery specializing in Cuban pastries and bread, including the iconic Cuban bread. Their bread is baked fresh daily, ensuring you’ll experience this beloved Cuban staple’s authentic flavors and textures.

Where to Buy Bread Pudding in Houston?

Craving a comforting and indulgent bread pudding in Houston? Look no further! Houston boasts several establishments where you can find delectable bread pudding. Here are a few places to satisfy your sweet tooth:

  1. Brennan’s of Houston – Brennan’s of Houston is renowned for its upscale Creole cuisine, and their bread pudding is a standout dessert. Their version of this classic dish is rich, creamy, and flavorful, making it a must-try for any bread pudding enthusiast.
  2. The Dessert Gallery – The Dessert Gallery is a popular bakery and café offering various delectable desserts, including their famous bread pudding. Their bread pudding is often praised for its luscious texture, generous portions, and flavorful sauce.
  3. Hickory Hollow – Hickory Hollow is a Southern comfort food restaurant that serves a delightful bread pudding as a dessert option. Their bread pudding is known for its moistness and the perfect balance of sweetness, making it a favorite among locals.

FAQs about Buying Bread in Houston

Are there any bakeries in Houston that offer vegan bread options?

Yes, several bakeries in Houston offer vegan bread options. The Bread Box and Flour Power Bakery are two excellent choices with various vegan bread options to cater to different dietary preferences.

Can I find gluten-free bread in Houston?

Absolutely! Houston has several bakeries that specialize in gluten-free bread. Gluten-Free Delights is a fantastic bakery that offers a wide variety of gluten-free options to choose from.

Do these bakeries use organic ingredients?

Many of the bakeries in Houston prioritize using high-quality ingredients, including organic options. When visiting a bakery, don’t hesitate to ask about their ingredient sourcing practices to find one that aligns with your preferences.

Are these bakeries suitable for someone with nut allergies?

While some bakeries take precautions to avoid cross-contamination, it’s essential to communicate your allergies to the staff when placing your order. Bakeries like The Bread Box and Houston Bread Co. are known for their allergy-friendly practices and can accommodate customers with nut allergies.

Can I pre-order bread from these bakeries?

Yes, most bakeries in Houston accept pre-orders for their bread. It’s a great way to ensure you get your favorite loaf while avoiding long lines or potential sell-outs, especially during busy periods.

Do any of these bakeries offer delivery services?

Yes, some of the bakeries mentioned in this guide offer delivery services. Check their websites or contact them directly for more information on delivery options.


Houston’s vibrant bakery scene offers a delightful array of bread options for every palate and dietary preference. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic baguette, a fluffy brioche, or gluten-free bread, you’ll find a bakery in Houston that caters to your needs. So, explore these fantastic bakeries to satisfy your bread cravings in the city. Remember to support your local bakeries and indulge in the wonderful world of freshly baked bread!