Do You Know Where Is Piglets Pantry?

Where is Piglets Pantry
Where is Piglets Pantry

Where Is Piglets Pantry? The popular UK piglets pantry is located at Unit E & F, Decoy Rd, Worthing BN14 8ND, UK.

Hand-filled pies, homemade sausage rolls, cakes, and biscuits are items they sell to individuals and organizations around the United Kingdom. Clients, sponsors, and most importantly, Piglet’s Pantry supporters all benefit from the tailored solutions that Piglet’s Pantry provides.

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Piglets Pantry Review

There are a lot of other ex-pats who can relate to this: when it comes to shopping for snacks and presents for friends and family, it can be a real pain. However, the piglet’s pantry bakery is capable of doing just that! So, if you’re thinking of treating loved ones far from you to an afternoon tea delivery, this can be the best ideal option for you.

In addition to the best-before date, the items provide instructions on preparing them to reheat or freeze them. A thorough ingredient list also accompanies all orders if somebody is allergic to any ingredients.

If you want to give the items as a present, it may be better to notify the recipient ahead of time or schedule delivery at a specific time. When the delivery date becomes available, there may be a delay. Sundays and Mondays are likewise off-limits for delivery. People who work throughout the week will appreciate having their groceries delivered on Saturdays.

Pickup and delivery of Piglets Afternoon Tea for One

Piglets afternoon tea for one would be a wonderful present for someone special in your life. 

This is what you’ll find within:

  • 1-scone with no filling.
  • The Tiptree strawberry Jam
  • Rodda’s clotted cream jar of pure luxury
  • Whisky egg
  • Classic sausage rolls
  • Sausages with cheese and pickles
  • Quiche with cheese and chives
  • One loaf cake with blueberries and bananas
  • One chocolate chip loaf with a sprinkle of salted caramel
  • Teabag from Teapigs

There were no crushed items since everything was wrapped and displayed correctly throughout the shipping process.

Making the switch from sandwiches to savory options was a welcome shift. In a conventional oven, they may all be reheated or re-warmed. However, even though you reheated them, the sausage rolls still had a delicious flavor. 

Compared to the other products, the scotch egg required more time to cook. This is because the egg was still cold upon opening, but the sausage meat was still warm. Therefore, warming the scone is an option. 

The blueberry and banana loaf is a delicious dessert—they beautifully decorated it with blueberries and flowers, purple icing, and purple berries.

The quantity of food is enough for one person, so it could easily be shared by two or more. Complete two-person and four-person versions are also available for purchase. 

As well as regular afternoon tea options, they also offer vegan and vegetarian options. Also, kids’ versions called Little Piglets and seasonal versions such as the ‘Hello Spring Afternoon Tea. These include some more unique flavors, such as crisp apple loaf and Hunter’s sausage rolls, among other things.

Cakes and treats Varieties from Piglets Pantry.

Piglets Pantry also sells a variety of other adorable items in addition to afternoon tea. However, they also offer full-sized pies and sausage rolls that you can freeze for up to three months. 

Here is a list of some delectable foods for family or friends.

Brandy Chocolate Truffles

After consuming the dark chocolate brandy truffles, you can reuse the tiny tin they came in. There are little cocoa powder-dusted truffles that virtually melt in your tongue after they’ve reached room temperature.

Floral brownie selection box

The Floral Brownie selection package is a little pricey, but the quality and aesthetic appeal outweigh the price. Four chocolate brownies and four blondies are included in the selected package. 

They’re moist and flavorful, making them a great snack. In addition, the serving size is ample, so you can split each piece in half and extend the shelf life.

Hello Spring Loaf Cakes/ Mini Carrot Muffins

Piglets Pantry sells tiny and big loaf cakes in a variety of flavors. They’re all presented in their small cardboard cartons, one at a time. It’s one of their seasonal offers. You can choose from three different flavors of mini loaves in this attractive package, including carrot cake, lemon sponge cake, and chocolate garden loaf. 

The Easter Chocolate Garden Loaf has a nutty flavor like a brownie, but not as thick. Lemon and courgette are a delicious combination. The cakes are filled with raisins and frosted with cream cheese. Additionally, you may buy the small carrot loaf cakes separately in a package of six in addition to the Hello Spring box.

Hand-made Luxurious Snacks.

There are two of the four cookie flavors included in the box of luxury cookies. Double chocolate chunks, white chocolate chunks, milk chocolate chunks, and white chocolate with raspberry were all included in the package. 

They’re chewy and delicious; so much chocolate was packed into each one. The white chocolate bits in the double chocolate bar were a welcome addition to the dessert.

Piglets pantry box 

The piglet pantry box comes in different varieties, like the piglet’s pantry afternoon tea box. The piglet’s pantry afternoon tea box also has one or two options

Afternoon Classic TEA FOR TWO

A two-piece set of homemade traditional afternoon tea 

Cost: £30.00 

In your package, you will find:

  • Made with multi-cultivated meat and mature cheddar
  • Two scotch eggs 
  • Rolls of traditional sausage are available for purchase
  • Cheese and pickle sausage roll 
  • Two scones of buttermilk
  • Two clotted cream Rodda’s
  • Strawberries in Jam
  • Two carrot cakes 
  • Cake with blueberry bananas and lemon curd
  • One lemon drizzle loaf cake
  • Two teapigs teabags

Savoury box 

You’ll find all the favorite piglet dishes, including cheese scones, sausage rolls, quiches, and the traditional Scottish egg. Everything you need to get stuck in includes chutneys, cheeses, and butter.

Cost: £20.00 

In your package, you will find:

  • One scone of cheese
  • One ham and cheddar quiche
  • One traditional Scottish egg
  • Traditional sausage rolls are included in this package
  • Rolls of cheese and pickle sausage stuffed with cheese
  • One banoffee loaf
  • Tiptree chutney 1oz
  • Cheddar and red Leicester
  • One butter 

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Can you collect from piglets pantry?

Tuesday through Friday, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., Piglets Pantry headquarters accepts client collections via phone or email. You’ll get two emails: listing the things you purchased and indicating the delivery address.

Does Piglets Pantry do gluten-free?

No, they cannot produce gluten-free food. When making the herby shortcrust pastry, they deal with a lot of flour in the kitchen with the possibility of cross-contamination.

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