Pantry Paint Color Ideas For A Modern Kitchen

Pantry Paint Color Ideas For A Modern Kitchen

Do you know that the pantry is one area that is sometimes forgotten when it comes to altering the design of your kitchen? This is true; the pantry is a crucial kitchen component with a significant visual influence. Changing the paint color of your pantry is one way to give it a fresh look. This post will discuss several pantry paint color suggestions, five pantry paint color options for a contemporary kitchen, and offer some crucial details on paint choices, advantages, disadvantages, and guidance.

Paint color can make a considerable impact when updating your kitchen. Choosing the proper color scheme is essential to modernizing your pantry area and giving it a modern touch. The perfect paint color for the pantry can provide the entire kitchen with a cohesive, modern feel.

5 pantry paint color ideas

  1. Kitchen color schemes
  2. Neutral kitchen colors
  3. Accent wall ideas for the kitchen
  4. Color blocking in kitchen design
  5. Kitchen cabinet color trends

Kitchen Color Schemes 

When updating your pantry space, selecting the appropriate color scheme is crucial. For example, a sleek and professional appearance may be achieved with a monochromatic color scheme using many tones of a single hue, such as grey or beige. On the other hand, a strong and contemporary touch may be added to your pantry area using a complementary color scheme, such as black and white or blue and orange.

Neutral Kitchen Colors

Beige, grey, and white are common neutral color choices for contemporary kitchen designs. Using a neutral color palette, your pantry area may have a neat, classic look. Add splashes of color with decorations like beautiful jars or bright cooking utensils to give interest and depth to the room.

Accent Wall Ideas for Kitchen

Your pantry area may stand out and give your kitchen more visual appeal by adding an accent wall. Consider utilizing a strong hue like navy blue or patterned wallpaper to make a statement wall that breathes life into the room.

Color Blocking in Kitchen Design

Color blocking requires combining several colors in a specific region to achieve a dramatic and contemporary effect. By utilizing contrasting hues or different shades of the same color for your cabinets or pantry doors, you may apply this method to your pantry space.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

Consider using the newest kitchen cabinet color trends to give your pantry area a contemporary appeal. Dark blue, green, or black hues may give off an opulent, refined vibe, while light wood finishes can give your room warmth and texture.

Paint Recommendations

It’s crucial to consider your kitchen’s overall design when deciding on a paint color for your pantry. It is advisable to select a paint color that is crisp and neutral for a modern kitchen. White, grey, and beige are a few of the often-used paint colors for contemporary kitchens. These hues are classic and go with any kitchen style.

  1. Sherwin-Williams’ Alabaster paint is one suggestion for a contemporary pantry. Warm and creamy white, this shade will give your pantry a dash of class. 
  2. Gray Owl Benjamin Moore is another suggestion. This hue will give your pantry a crisp, modern vibe because it is a light, cool gray.

Sherwin-Williams’ Alabaster paint color

Sherwin-Williams’ Alabaster paint color is a well-liked hue. It has undertones of beige and is a warm, milky white color. The hue is renowned for its adaptability and is frequently used as a neutral color in home furnishings and interior design. It complements a wide range of other hues and looks great in both conventional and contemporary settings. Alabaster is “a color evocative of new beginnings, making it the perfect option for fresh beginnings in your life,” according to Sherwin-Williams. Even the business selected it as the Color of the Year for 2016.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl paint color

William Moore’s popular hue, Gray Owl, is in the Benjamin Moore paint line. It has a cool and soothing appearance since it is a light gray hue with faint blue and green overtones. Gray Owl has become a popular interior and outdoor painting option, especially for walls and trim. It is a hue that goes nicely in various settings, including kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Gray owls can have a faint lavender tinge or seem more blue or green, depending on the lighting and other colors in the space. Overall, it is a refined, classic hue that goes well with many different types of décor.


The decision to change the paint color in your pantry has several advantages. One of the main advantages is how drastically it may change the appearance of your kitchen. A fresh coat of paint may give the impression that your pantry is bigger and more open. Also, it gives your kitchen more individuality and character.

The fact that repainting your pantry is a reasonably affordable approach to changing the appearance of your kitchen is another advantage of doing so. Painting may be completed quickly and is far less expensive than a complete kitchen redesign.

Pros and Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to selecting a new paint color for your pantry, just as with any home renovation job. 

One of the main advantages is how drastically it may alter the appearance of your kitchen. For example, a fresh coat of paint may give the impression that your pantry is bigger and more open. Also, it gives your kitchen more individuality and character.

One drawback is the time commitment to selecting a fresh paint color for your pantry. Depending on the size of the pantry and the type of paint used, painting it might take several days. In addition, it may need to be tidier, which is another drawback. Drop cloths should be used to protect your floors and surfaces from paint drips and splatters.


Before painting your pantry, there are a few considerations to make sure everything goes properly.

  1. Clean the surfaces of your pantry before painting to prepare the surface. By doing this, you can be sure that the paint will adhere correctly and the surface will be smooth.
  2. Choose the Proper Paint: Choose a paint color appropriate for your pantry’s surfaces. Choose a paint intended especially for surfaces made of wood, for instance, if your pantry is constructed of wood.
  3. Employ a Primer: A primer will help the paint adhere better and cover the surface better.
  4. Employ the Correct Tools: Using the correct tools is critical for a flawless finish. Apply the paint using a paintbrush and a roller.
  5. Observe the directions: Make sure you adhere to the paint’s directions. By doing this, you can help guarantee that the paint is applied accurately and that you get the best finish possible.

Should a pantry be the same color as the kitchen?

Although not required, using complementary colors in the kitchen and pantry may give the space a more finished appearance.

What color should a pantry be?

The color of a pantry might vary based on taste and the kitchen’s general color design. In contrast, a pantry, often a smaller area, may be a fantastic place to experiment with bolder or darker colors that would be too overwhelming in a bigger room. For instance, a pantry painted in a deeper hue, like Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl, may provide depth and character to a kitchen with light-colored cabinets and walls.

What is the best color for a modern kitchen?

Depending on personal taste and style, the ideal color for a modern kitchen might change, although neutral shades like white, grey, and beige are common selections for a contemporary aesthetic. Another choice is to give the kitchen a splash of color with a striking accent wall or vibrant accessories.

What is the best paint for a pantry?

The ideal paint for a pantry is usually long-lasting, washable, and tolerating frequent usage and cleaning. Semi-gloss or high-gloss paint might be a smart choice as they are simple to clean and resistant to stains and scuffs. Good pantry paint color options are Benjamin Moore Gray Owl and Sherwin-Williams Alabaster, both of which come in high-gloss and semi-gloss finishes.

Choosing a new paint color for your pantry is a fantastic approach to freshening up your kitchen’s appearance. You can give your pantry a clean, contemporary appearance with the perfect paint color and careful planning. It’s crucial to consider your kitchen’s entire design when choosing a paint color for your pantry and a crisp, neutral shade. White, grey, and beige are a few of the often-used paint colors for contemporary kitchens. “Alabaster” by Sherwin-Williams and “Gray Owl” by Benjamin Moore are fantastic options for a modern pantry.


It’s crucial to prime the surface, select the appropriate paint, apply primer, use the proper tools, and adhere to the directions while painting your pantry. These recommendations will help you produce a tidy and expert finish.

Painting your pantry will make it appear bigger and roomier while giving your kitchen a fresh look. However, picking the proper paint, preparing the surface, and applying the appropriate equipment are crucial to a flawless finish. Thus, take the time to research several pantry paint color options and choose the ideal one to complement your contemporary kitchen.