How To Remove Cool Select Pantry

How To Remove Cool Select Pantry

Both a pantry and fridge should be set to the same temperature. 

  • Open the door of the cool select pantry,
  • Remove the top shelf or shelves, if applicable.
  • Remove everything inside, including dried goods and food, into heavy containers.
  • Rinse everything with cold water,
  • Unplug the power cord and drain water from the underneath applianceOpens in a new tab. with a bucket or hose attachment placed near it. 
  • Wipe out any lingering moisture inside with a paper towel. Allow it to dry out upside down and plug it in after 24 hours to continue the cooling process.

What is a Cool Select pantry?

The Cool Select Pantry is a convenient addition to any kitchenOpens in a new tab. with a full-size drawer and a thermostat. You may store huge party trays, food, drinks, and other stuff in this pantry. You can regulate the temperature, so only the coldest air enters the pantryOpens in a new tab. whenever necessary.

Airtight seals are important for humidity control while cooling food items and preventing mold. For example, when storing dairy products and meats, please place them in packaging with an airtight seal. Glass containers are preferable to plastic since plastic traps humidity and can melt. 

Glass containers include glass jars, glass storageOpens in a new tab. containers, and wine glasses. When purchasing a glass container, look for the following symbols on its bottom:

A cool select pantry is a freezer with temperature control. It has several humidity-level settings and will maintain freshness for excess fruits and vegetables. The Cool Select pantry is an environmentally friendly appliance that reduces food waste by storing extra food from the fridge or freezer to eat later that would otherwise be thrown away.

When purchasing a fridge with a cooling function, pay attention to the following:

  • The Cool Select pantry has different humidity settings, from 40%, 50%, 60%, and up to 75%. The appliance maintains temperature differences between low and high settings by circulating cold air. In this way, the food will maintain its freshness for as long as possible.

Since it is used for storing dry goods, treat it carefully when opening the seal. Dried foods will be more susceptible to spoiling in warmer temperatures than cold, fresh products.

The refrigeration process will occur in an anti-condensation chamber containing a collection of water condensate that drips down along the sides of the appliance and collects in a tray below. You can eliminate this by turning up the humidity. Yet doing so can raise the likelihood of mold growth in the fridge or pantry.

The humidity in the cool select pantry can be increased by wiping off any moisture that collects along the sides of the appliance. 

  • Open up the condensation grille on the side. 
  • Remove any lingering moisture with a dry paper towel.
  • Do not submerge the appliance or use a water hose to clean it.

How do I replace the cool select pantry items?

  • Cool Select Pantry: Pull the roller section and lift it to remove the Cool select pantry. This will release it.
  • Cool Select Pantry Cover: To remove the lid of the cool select pantry, lift the central part of the cover while simultaneously holding it to the left.
  • Cool Select Pantry Shelf: To remove the cool choose pantry shelf, lift the front portion of the shelf while pulling it in the other direction.
  • Cool Select Pantry Rail: Unscrew the three screw components attached to the cool choose pantry rail, and then remove the rail from the pantry. Remove the housing connection that is located on the internal rail section.

Does my Samsung fridge-freezer have a cool select pantry feature?

The Cool Select Pantry is a convenient addition to any kitchen with a full-size drawer with a thermostat. You may store huge party trays, deli foods, pizza, drinks, and other stuff in this pantry.

You can regulate the temperature, so only the coldest air enters the pantry whenever necessary. You’ll find the switch on the right wall of the pantry.

When you find the setting you like, keep pressing the Temp button. Even if the actual temperature varies from the one you specified, the temperature would be adjusted automatically to match the one you set.


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